Ryan Minick

Branch Manager / Assistant Vice President

Company Name and Location: LeaderOne Financial Kokomo, IN 46901

Number of Years in the Mortgage Industry: 14 Years

Position Title: Branch Manager / Assistant Vice President

Joined L360 in: 2016

2016 year end unit and dollar volume: 220 Units / $26,400,000

Specialty in the mortgage space (What are the things that you do well, Strengths): marketing, technology, social media, community involvement

2017 MIG focus (List all MIGs): Define/Split Management Roles, Improve Relationship with Spouse, Weight Loss & Lifestyle Improvement

Unit and Dollar Volume prior to joining L360: 220 Units / $26,400,000

Reason for joining L360: Other partners in company have high regard for program. Always looking to improve personal and work productivity and satisfaction.

Biggest Learning from being in L360: Communication skills and project focus.

Biggest wins since joining L360: Redefining management responsibilities with partner. Hiring Transaction Coordinators and implementing PLP.

Favorite thing about L360: diverse coaching team and small group monthly meetings with other originators/managers.

Hobbies: Racquetball, Cycling, Motorcycles, Cooking

Email Address: ryanminick@leader1.com