Ryan Shane


Company Name and Location: Sammamish Mortgage, Bellevue, WA

Number of Years in the Mortgage Industry: 9

Position Title: Owner/COO

Joined L360 in: November of 2016

2016 year end unit and dollar volume: 187 units/$62,046,313

Specialty in the mortgage space (What are the things that you do well, Strengths):  2017 MIG focus (List all MIGs): Physical vitality and emotional wellness/Agent referral program/agent referral program content

Unit and Dollar Volume prior to joining L360: 187/$62,046,313

Reason for joining L360: My brother was a part of the first group and I saw what it did for him.

Biggest Learning from being in L360: Upper limit beliefs are present and can be overcome.

Biggest wins since joining L360: I am now an owner in my company.

Favorite thing about L360: The people

Hobbies: Golf/Skiing

Email Address: ryan@sammtg.com