Craig Strent


Company Name and Location:

  • Apex Home Loans – Rockville, MD

Number of Years in the Mortgage Industry:

  • 23

Position Title:

  • CEO

Joined L360 in:

  • 2014

2016 year end unit and dollar volume: 

  • $ 97.5M / 224

Specialty in the mortgage space (What are the things that you do well, Strengths):

  • Generate biz from Financial Advisors, Divorce Lawyers, and Mediators.
  • Mortgages Under Management / Client Retention
  • Generate Realtor biz in non traditional ways.
  • Coach & Mentor other LO’s  - Developing PLP and re-teaching it company wide
  • Developing & implementing community Involvement & employee volunteer programs on a corporate level
  • Maintain steady volume over long periods of time 

2017 MIG focus (List all MIGs):

  • Upgrade / fix  CRM 

Unit and Dollar Volume prior to joining L360:

  • $ 75-$ 100M annually

Reason for joining L360:

  • Professionally, to be coached by the best mind in the mortgage business and to mastermind with some of the top originators in the country.  Personally, to improve the balance in my life between work, family, and other interests.

Biggest Learning from being in L360:

  • if you design a great Perfect Loan Process, hire well, properly train and empower your people, you can continue to grow both professionally and personally, increasing your level of business while decreasing your level of stress.  It’s easier said than done and my biggest learning is probably the many “awarenesses” about myself that the program brought out. Once you become clear on your best traits and your worst habits,  you are in a position to grow.

Biggest wins since joining L360:

  • Establishing a PLP (Perfect Loan Process), realigning and expanding my team, introducing PLP across my entire company, re-teaching much of the L360 materials to my employees and referral partners.

Favorite thing about L360:

  • The L360 family itself is loaded with amazing mortgage folks from across the country that are incredibly willing to share great ideas, materials, and best practices.  The sense of community and desire to help members succeed on both a business and personal level is very special indeed.


  • Hiking, hockey, history, politics, travel, & taking Dave Robnett’s money on the golf course

Email Address:

L360 Family Nickname:

  • I’ll leave this one up to the group to decide.