Dan .Kublawi

Branch Manager

Company Name and Location:

  • LeaderOne Financial- Johnson City, Tennessee

Number of Years in the Mortgage Industry:

  • 21

Position Title:

  • Branch Manager

Joined L360 in:

  • 2016

2016 year end unit and dollar volume:

  • 127 units/$18M

Specialty in the mortgage space (What are the things that you do well, Strengths):

  • Presentation, Training, Coaching

2017 MIG focus (List all MIGs):

  • Opening new office, Creating video/audio program for training/coaching

Biggest Learning from being in L360:

  • Life balance

Biggest wins since joining L360:

  • working with rockstars

Favorite thing about L360:

  • The coaches


  • Hiking, golf, cooking, travel

Email Address: