Dave Robnett

SVP, Director

Company Name and Location:

  • LeaderOne Financial, Scottsdale, AZ

Number of Years in the Mortgage Industry:

  • 20

Position Title:

  • SVP, Director

Joined L360 in:

  • 2013

2016 year end unit and dollar volume:

  • Total company 1.77 Billion

Specialty in the mortgage space (What are the things that you do well, Strengths):

  • Networking, sharing and exchanging ideas on all things mortgage related.

2017 MIG focus (List all MIGs):

  • PLP for the entire mortgage manufacturing process

Unit and Dollar Volume prior to joining L360:

  • 2012 Volume 677 Million (total company)

Reason for joining L360:

  • Mike Metz told me to join.

Biggest Learning from being in L360:

  • L360 has really reinforced two concepts for me:
    1. Work Smarter Not Harder
    2. Block time to work “on your business”, don’t get caught up in the whirlwind of always working in your business.

Biggest wins since joining L360:

  • Continuing to grow a mortgage company into a top 65 mortgage lender

Favorite thing about L360:

  • The people, the ideas and the camaraderie.


  • Golf

Email Address: