Ryan Morrow

Branch Manager

Company Name and Location: Ryan Morrow, Palmdale, CA.

Number of Years in the Mortgage Industry: 12

Position Title: Branch Manager

Joined L360 in: 2015

2016 year end unit and dollar volume: 139 Units $34,703,729 Volume

Specialty in the mortgage space (What are the things that you do well, Strengths): Creating Trust with Clients and Referral partners early in the process, Problem Solving, getting better at systems, processes and culture

2017 MIG focus (List all MIGs): Client and Referral Partner marketing from Lead to Closing. Gifting, statuses, videos, text etc. Reevaluating what we currently do and adding additional value

Unit and Dollar Volume prior to joining L360: 124 Units $31,371,154 Volume

Reason for joining L360: Work/ Life Balance while building a successful mortgage business.

Biggest Learning from being in L360: How to be present while out of the office. (Quality Time with family, and the ability to leave work at work). How to let go of certain task and trust my team

Biggest wins since joining L360: I really became aware of what is important to me in my life, what I am working towards and what success looks like for me. I was able to define a clear line between the EGO and what supports my definition of success is. Through this learning I have been able to more clearly move toward my goals and lessen the distractions the pop up along the way.

Favorite thing about L360: I really enjoy the L360 members. Everyone has found their own successes in very different ways. This gives tremendous diversity to the group and allows me to sample various business approaches and see if any of them are in alignment and would support my goals.

Hobbies: Ice Hockey, Cars, Hiking

Email Address: Ryan.Morrow@spmc.com