Lose the Deal and Still WIN: How to Adopt-A-Loan for Future Success

business strategy mortgage loan officer Jan 10, 2023
Performance Experts Mortgage Coaching | Adopt A Loan


You’ve spent a lot of time and energy working a lead, only to receive that dreaded phone call. The one where the would-be client chooses to go with someone other than you. Maybe it’s another mortgage loan originator, or even a credit union.

It doesn’t really matter. It isn’t you.



Most loan officers throw their hands in the air, either out of surrender or anger… or both. That’s because most of them don’t realize they’ve just been handed an incredible business opportunity. An opportunity to not only prove their uniqueness as a mortgage professional, but also to gain that would-be client’s trust, as well as their business for years to come.



The solution lies in creating a predetermined, two-part script as a response to their decision. Part one is taking complete ownership for not displaying the value proposition you should have from the start. Part two is expressing your desire to create a long-term relationship with them and earn back their business.


Respect the decision they made of choosing the other lender, but ask permission to touch base in a few weeks, to check in on the final loan terms. Follow that with an offer for you to manage their mortgage debt, at no charge to them, by monitoring their rate on a daily and ongoing basis.  Alerting them of future opportunities to refinance when they can save money and ensuring they always have the best possible rate at little or no out-of-pocket cost to them.


Mr. or Ms. Jones never says no to this proposition. Who would turn down free alerts to the best loan terms possible at all times? It’s an amazing offer.



The call back a few weeks later typically goes one of two ways. For whatever reason, your would-be client never closed their home loan and it’s once again up for grabs. Other times, the loan does close. In those cases, ascertaining their final loan terms provides you the ability to directly market to them. Down the road, when opportunities arise to refinance their loan and reduce their mortgage debt, you can pursue that adopted loan as a first step toward securing their future business.



You are now one step closer to being in a field of your own, as most loan originators don’t practice this simple and effective technique of adopting a loan to turn their short-term loss into a future blowout win. And as far as credit unions and similar lenders are concerned, they will never monitor a client’s interest rate because they have no desire, or incentive, to lower Mr. or Ms. Jones’s mortgage debt.



Tim Braheem, Head Coach at Performance Experts and the Host of The 360 Experience Podcast, shares more about his Adopt-A-Loan technique in his weekly business and life tip videos.  Learn more about this Adopt-A-Loan Technique NOW. 


Remember that the only lost loan is the one you give up on. Any rejection is an opportunity to nurture and cultivate a relationship

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