What Is Coaching?

What is coaching? It’s a legitimate question, as there is some confusion regarding the term.

Historically, a coach was associated with helping athletes improve their prowess. Over time, however, people realized coaches were also useful for professional and personal development. At Performance Experts, we take a unique approach to the coaching model.

We believe a good coach is someone who creates opportunities for self-discovery. Someone who asks intelligent questions, just like a trusted ally or partner would. Ultimately, we believe a good coach is someone with the ability to help you discover what is hindering your development.

Following are areas where clients are often seeking enhanced productivity and performance in their lives:

  • Career success
  • Time Management
  • Relationship with their children
  • Relationship with their spouse
  • Physical Health
  • Balance in their life
  • Sense of purpose/living a life of meaning
  • Mental and Emotional Relationship with themselves and others

Our job is to design a personalized coaching program that focuses on the areas of your life where you feel you’re underperforming.

A great coach will help you identify and remove the barriers that are in the way of your performance and assist you in creating agreements and results to support success.

Think of someone at the top of their game in their career and in their life.  Whether it be a famous actor, an athlete, a musician or a business person, more often than not you will find that behind the scenes there is a coach helping that individual be all that they are capable of being.

Our job is to help you carve away that which is inhibiting your performance, freeing you to experience the life that you deserve to live.

We have assembled an exclusive team of coaches. Each has extensive experience in psychology and personal development, as well as the mortgage industry. We collaborate regarding our clients and meet as a team regularly.  We continually further our own education in order to improve the value we bring to our clients.

Simply put, the backgrounds and synergy of our coaches, combined with our unique processes, are unprecedented in the mortgage industry.

If you are in need of coaching, please allow us to interview you. We truly look forward to supporting you.