What Our Clients Should Expect

Clients should expect to be challenged in their way of thinking and viewing their business and their life.  They should expect to be paired with skilled coaches who are dedicated to helping them transform themselves in the areas that they have sought to enhance personal performance.  Each client should expect to become more efficient in his or her business, earn more dollars per hour, and have a greater balance in their life.  Additionally, clients should expect to find more happiness in their approach to their business and in their home life, as well as a greater understanding of self.

Following is a snapshot of what clients will receive when being coached by Performance Experts and as a part of the Leadership 360 Program:

  • A detailed assessment of their business and life goals
  • A detailed, intuitive, and customized business plan that they will work along with their coach
  • A detailed assessment of their natural personality and behavioral traits
  • Proprietary tools and planning worksheets developed for the Performance Experts Coaching Model
  • A substantial repository of resources provided by the Leadership 360 family, known as L360 Dropbox
  • One on One facilitated coaching calls with their coach
  • Accountability to their Business and Life Plan
  • Significant transformational change in their business and their life