The program is extremely well designed

I first contacted Tim about coaching when I came to the conclusion there had to be another way to be successful in the mortgage business. †I was working too many hours and too often †being pulled in multiple directions.

The program is extremely well designed and thought out, and yet is not an ďout of the boxĒ program. Tim and Julie work with each one of their clients to help customize a specific plan tailored to each and every L360 participant. They absolutely care about each and every participant, and work both individually and collectively to help everyone achieve their goals. They have helped me identify areas †where I could implement systems and strategies that simply would not have been done without their guidance and expertise.

Although the mortgage industry can be demanding at times, I have now been reminded that it can also be fun and rewarding as well! Thank you Tim & Julie!

Mike Trejo
Bridgpoint Funding
Walnut Creek, CA

Refreshed, Renewed, Inspired.

The incredible week in Costa Rica was a game changer for my life and my business.† Itís a reset of my day-to-day giving me a deeper understanding and self-awareness of who I am.

I learned from experts in the mortgage business, who shared freely and in the spirit of giving.† I built a business and life plan that is going to forever change my career, my financial success, and the balance that I experience in my life.† The way that we worked together as a team helping each other, in areas of growth potential is valuable beyond any dollar figure.† Tim and Julie are caring and loving teachers who brought tremendous value to the 9 of us.† †Iím thrilled that this is a one-year program and that I will be able to continue to tap into the support structure that is provided in Leadership 360.† All this, as we were being treated like royalty for 7 straight days, in a setting one could only dream of.†

I have never laughed as hard, or as much as I did my week in Costa Rica.† Every aspect of it has created indelible memories for me.†

I have truly been set in motion toward a new life and career and am deeply blessed for being a part of this continuing program.

Tracy Luciani-Price
The Price Team
Dominion Lending Centres
Fergus, ON

I have already received way more than what I have invested.

I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Tim & Julie at Performance Experts.† They are both so good at what they do.† Their approach to life and business is nothing I have ever seen.† I have already received way more than what I have invested.† The mortgage business is an amazing industry that can provide an amazing lifestyle.† However, it can be a slippery slope that gets us pulled into wanting more and more, while sacrificing our quality relationships.† Tim & Julie are helping me achieve success in both business and in life.† The value is truly never ending.† Thank you Tim & Julie for what you do.† You are truly making a difference in so many ways than you might know. †

Pete Metz
Megastar Financial Corp.
Redding, CA

It is about finding what I really wanted, and pursuing that which gave me energy and inspiration in life.

I donít think I could put this in perspective prior to my coaching experience with Tim & Julie and the L360 program. I believe sometimes life finds a way to present people and opportunities to you and if you are open to them, they offer you a chance to find the path to what was meant to be in your life.† For me personally, Tim and Julie came into my life and gave me a unique coaching experience.† An experience that started with me personally.† It wasnít traditional coaching toward reaching strict goals and punishing myself or feelings of resentment toward when I could not reach them.† It is about finding what I really wanted, and pursuing that which gave me energy and inspiration in life.† I believe true coaching starts with building yourself, and then all those goals and aspirations will follow.† I am now 3 years into L360, and I am accomplishing things I often thought about in my mind, but never really believed would happen.† I am excited to see where life is taking me next.

Steve Birk
Element Funding
Orlando, FL

Theyíve got their finger on the pulse of what works.

One of key objectives that I had moving into this was to really work on my presence with people.† Presence has been a struggle with me as my business has grown mostly with family, so having story time with the kids or on the weekend with my wife and Iím thinking about locks and loans, conditions and follow-up and everything I have on my plate.† I really wanted to learn how to leave work at work so I could give my best to my family. Through the program I have been able to put systems in place with my team that have allowed me to do just that.

Another thing I really like about the program is the authenticity of the coaches. Timís direction, his leadership is very relevant to todayís market.† I feel like Tim and Julie really pour their hearts into what your needs are. †So whether itís building a team, or working on a marketing strategy to help build your business, or expand your office, it really feels like theyíve got their finger on the pulse of what works.

Ryan Morrow
Sierra Pacific Mortgage
Palmdale, CA