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Leadership 360 is your key to finally creating the life you desire

An exclusive one year business and life coaching program with unparalleled accountability and support that will completely transform your life.


Here's what you'll get and more...

Each year only 9 highly qualified and distinguished members are chosen to become part of the family.  If you are selected, you will not only be joining a group of amazing top producers, but truly great people. 

This Five Star 7 DAY strategic business and life planning retreat takes you to one of most exquisite places in the world to work deeply on your business with a unique focus on the belief systems that have traditionally held you back.  

Every Wednesday during the year Tim Braheem makes himself available to exclusively and privately to support and mentor YOU.  Anytime you need to work on a new business idea, resolve a pressing issue, or help you make an important decision you have EXCLUSIVE access.

When you join Leadership360, you have become part of something bigger, you become part of an amazing family of mortgage professionals who know where you are, have been where you've been, and are willing to help you get where you want to go.

This Deeply Immersive Performance & Life Coaching Program will challenge you to design the life you most desire, while fully supporting you to be the best version of yourself in business and in life.

Twice during the year, the NINE of YOU and your Executive Coaches will come together for 3 POWERFUL DAYS focused on Implementation and Life Balance at Tim's home in Southern California.

Your implementation will be supported by our highly skilled Executive Coaches who will work with you one-on-one each month ensure you are fully supported in the execution of your business and life goals.

Led by Tim Braheem, these highly interactive 90 Minute Group Coaching and Mastermind Calls bring together the full group of 9 Members and 3 Executive Coaches each month not on retreat to ensure you are connected, supported, continue to deepen your bonds to this extraordinary group.


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Leadership360 will create significant positive change in your business and life..

You will:

Master Time & Uncover Your Unique Genius

Get equipped on how to create and focus on your game plan to reach your goals faster and to achieve the best results possible from your business and life success. Paired with uncovering your unique genius — that special gift that you carry around in the world and how to really leverage that and utilize it in your business practice.

Get More People to Say YES!

Dive deep on your selling and presentation skills. How to improve your conversion ratio at point of sale, how to get more people to say "Yes" to you and your exact system for selling yourself in the most effective way.

Create Your Marketing Machine

How to market directly to the consumer, how to market to realtors, accountants, financial planners, insurance agents and how to market to your past customer database to ensure that you are getting a lot of repeat and referral business.

Enjoy the Perfect Loan Process 

Focusing on your system for customer service. How you facilitate a loan from the beginning of it being a lead until after the loan closes to ensure that you have a raving fan customer that comes back time and time again and refers his friends and family members to you.

Get Much More Freedom!

We will focus on building your team. How to hire, train, manage and develop a vibrant culture for your team to flourish.  So you can have your job description refined even more than it is currently so you could spend more time focusing on high pay-off activity because your team has your back.

Overcome Your Fears, Stories and Excuses

Evenings on Costa Rica retreat are all about the Inner Game where we focus on the belief system that have traditionaly held you back from achieving the success you know you can achieve in your career and in your life.

Resource and strategies to strengthen your business

  12-Month Deeply Immersive Performance Coaching Program
    A 1-Year business & life coaching program limited to only 9 participants annually. Starts with a 7-Day business & life planning retreat is customize for you, and for the next 12 Months that is where Leadership 360 journey begins are all about supporting you in the successful implementation of your plan and its all done in a very unique and proprietory way.
  7-Day Business and Life Planning Retreat
    The program that kicks off with a 7-day retreat. A strategically designed curriculum to create transformation in both your business and your life. The best part is that we get to do this in one of the most beautiful and serene places in the entire world, held in Costa Rica. Complete with privately prepared meals, 5-Star accommodations and breath taking activities.
  Monthly Private One-on-One Coaching
    Each and every month you'll have a private coaching call for 60-Minutes with Executive Coaches Julie Weix or Scott Bertone to provide the necessary support and resources to successfully implement your plan.
  Exclusive Weekly Access to Tim Braheem
    An exclusive weekly access that gives you direct motivation and training from Tim Braheem to help you apply what you learn and stay on track on achieving your biggest goals and dreams.
  Ten 90-Minute Mastermind Group Calls
    Exclusive access to 10 powerful Group Masterminding Calls hosted by Tim. On these calls, on a specific subject have direct access to ask Tim, as well as top producers from our Leadership 360 family, your most pressing questions.
  Two Additional 3 Day Implementation Retreat
    The twelve of us will get together two more times live in Southern California for two separate 3-Day implementation retreats.
  L360 Proprietary Business & Life Plan
● A detailed assessment of your business and life goals
● A detailed, intuitive, and customized business plan that you will work along with your coach
● A detailed assessment of your natural personality and behavioral traits.
● Proprietary tools & planning worksheets developed for the Performance Experts Coaching Model
● Substantial Leadership360 information repository.

Take your Life to the Next Level.

What Our Members Are Saying...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the Program?

Leadership360 Group 8 starts September 2019 and ends August 2020.  The Costa Rica retreat will be on held this year November 16-23.  The two Los Angles retreats are calendared together as a group with target dates of February/March & July/August to ensure full participation. Mastermind and Coaching Sessions are are also scheduled each month individually.

What to Expect?

Each participant can expect to take a deep look at their business and life to create a detailed 3 year plan.  Once complete, they will work with their team and the highly skilled Coaches who will help them transform their lives to find more happiness, as well as a greater understanding of self, and a renewed approach in business and in their home life.

How do I Qualify/Apply?

We will officially begin accepting applications for Group 8 on March 4th and expect to have the group fully formed by mid-July.  This program is designed to be a group of highly successful peers and generally our members have been in the business 10+ years and are responsible for monthly production of 10+ units individually or 25+ units as a leader.


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