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Nicola Albini

Executive Coach


Nicola guides achievers, executives, athletes and organizations to redefine succcess, create results and actualize their full potential.

With experience as a businessman and an athlete, combined with an artistic approach to work and life, Nicola brings a seasoned yet unique perspective to personal growth, as well as, leadership and performance development.
After spending most of his life in Italy, where Nicola earned a law degree, served as a former president of the Young Entrepreneur's Association, and co-owns an international business (Freight Fordwarding), he moved to the United States where he was mentored by preeminent coaches.
Nicola's credentials include an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, Advanced Professional Coaching certification with Steve Chandler and Robert Holden, extensive NLP and enneagram training, and Conscious Leadership Group affiliation.Nicola currently serves on the board of Raincatcher, a non-profit organization committed to providing clean drinking water to impoverished regions around the world.
When he's not coaching executives, leaders or elite athletes, he's writing articles on success, performance and personal growth for the Huffington Post, or planning for his next V.I.P. coaching retreat.
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