Dirk Nevelle

Coach / Branch Manager


"I want to help people live better lives by helping them define authentic success so more of their time is spent in alignment with their natural skills, interests and passions."


My commitment is to help guide you from where you are today to where you want to be by uncovering belief systems or patterns that have become barriers to a better life. As Joseph Campbell said, “We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us”. Letting go of who you thought you should be in order to be who you truly are is the work. I am a big believer in creating a life of joy and balance where we are living by our own definition of success. Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?


Dirk graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor's degree in International Studies in 1992. Before entering the work force, Dirk traveled Europe for months before moving to Sun Valley, Idaho with friends to ski and work for the winter. Shortly after, he entered the corporate world working for companies like AT&T, and Yahoo! in a sales capacity. Soon Dirk married his best friend Michelle and not long after decided to leave the technology industry and pursue a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology where he planned to work with younger adults and children. 

About the same time Dirk entered the mortgage industry in 2002 where he worked during the day and attended school at night. Lending was a natural fit and Dirk experienced immediate success and soon became one of the top producers in his company. His success was based on his honest approach, hard work and commitment to creating an exceptional experience for his clients and referral partners. A couple years into lending, he decided to leave school and commit fulltime to the mortgage industry. Dirk’s early mission was to differentiate himself from the competition by becoming an expert in all real estate financing types. His business was 100% referral based so he spent much of his time cultivating relationships with referral partners such as Financial Planners, CPA’s, Attorneys, Builders and Realtors. Although Dirk experienced great success, he wanted to get to the next level so decided to hire a coach. It was at this time Dirk met Tim Braheem who was instrumental in helping him not only become better at his trade but more importantly create a life more aligned with his values and interests. Soon the coaching sessions moved away from business conversations and focused exclusively on the inner work where they would engage on a much deeper, personal level. Dirk and Tim shared many things in common which ultimately provided a space for deep work to be done. Over the years Dirk continued to work with Tim 1x1 and eventually joined a selective group of some of the best mortgage professionals in the country where he is still a member.

Although his business coaching continues, Dirk remains very curious and dedicated to finding new ways to grow and improve as a person. He attended the University of Santa Monica for Spiritual Psychology which was instrumental in helping him understand on a deeper level how certain belief systems and patterns were impacting his desire to live a more authentic life. Learning and possessing these valuable skills, Dirk continued to pursue similar opportunities such as attending a week long seminar with Dr. Joe Dispenza where meditation has become a daily ritual for him. In addition, Dirk attended a seminar with Robert Holden to help learn how to use the Enneagram personality test to help offer a way to manage personality through the practice of self awareness. Whether it’s spending time with Tony Robbins, Jesse Itzler, Ryan Holiday or Robert Breedlove, Dirk is always looking to evolve.

Dirk considers himself privileged to spend as much time with his wife Michelle, daughter Hope and son Noah. Family to him is everything. Living a life of balance and being brave enough to go down the road less traveled is also very important to him. Over the years Dirk has found time to publish a book (Road Rage Justified), coach his children’s sports teams, re-locate his family to Sun Valley for 2 years and spend a couple months living in Siena, Italy where he introduced his family to his favorite event – The Palio. Years ago, Dirk and Michelle decided to buy land and start a farm where they spend much of their time now. Starting a podcast is his next project which will be focused on interviewing individuals who are living and working in their zone of genius which is foundational to Dirk’s coaching work.

I am passionate about helping others with some of the issues that have been significant barriers for me. As a young boy I grew up with a powerful father who demanded perfection in everything I did. I learned from him that winning and performing = being loved or special and being normal was not a safe way to be. My early definition of success was created through his lens which over the years became exhausting and difficult to unwire. I felt like I was running a race I didn’t want to win. As I entered the work force I was never satisfied, always comparing myself to others or searching for something outside of me to bring me happiness. I gravitated towards jobs that came easy and paid well but often felt that I was playing life safe. Coaching helped me change this. Joseph Campbell once said, “Our path, desire, and value system evolve with time. We feel friction when our drives and patterns no longer fit the life we’re living, and this is when change emerges”. Monomyth is a term he coined which is commonly referred to as “The Hero’s Journey” which examines the stages of the hero who goes on an adventure, faces a crisis and wins, then returns victorious. Becoming victorious for me was learning to live what Gay Hendricks calls The Genius Zone. Everyone’s zone of genius is unique which is the physical and mental space where your interests, passions and skills converge to make you unstoppable in your performance.

As Jim Carrey said in a commencement speech, decisions we make are either based in love or fear and so many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. He says you can fail at what you don’t want so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love. My commitment is to help guide you on your journey to discover your genius zone, living a life that you love!

"Between stimulus and response there is a SPACE.In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our GROWTH and our FREEDOM."

- Viktor E. Frankl

Dirk lives in North Bend, WA with his wife Michelle, daughter Hope, and son Noah, as well as 20+ animals including Duke who is the protector of the farm.
He is passionate about family, animals, working on the farm, travel, watching/coaching sports, meditation and continuing to evolve as a person. Dirk loves to joke around and connect with people on a deeper level.

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