Scott Bertone

Executive & Mortgage Coach

"I thrive on finding solutions to challenges and feel great pleasure when I can help others break free of limiting beliefs, identify their passion, and take massive action on a personal internal commitment."

Scott Bertone has weaved a path of success by being willing to persevere in spite of fear, as he lives by the principle that fear is the gateway to greatness.   In addition to his coaching career, he has started a mortgage and real estate business, an online portal, and even a motorcycle superstore.   He has also worked with the Clinton White House and the Department of Defense, and he has served on the boards of companies in the worlds of technology, finance, and personal development.


Scott believes that everyone is capable of BOLDLY LIVING their dreams, but living BOLDLY was something that did not always come easy for him. "I was filled with fear, self-doubt, and a negative voice that many times stopped me from reaching for what I truly wanted. After a life-altering accident no longer allowed me to ignore these feelings, a whole new chapter of my life began as I shifted my focus away from trying to prove my worthiness to the world, opened up about my fear and doubts, and began seeking guidance and counsel to help me find happiness and life’s purpose."



While he's had some extraordinary successes among his many ventures, he credits much of his coaching insight to what he calls the “outrageous failures.” He is able to bring into each of his client interactions a diversity of experience in technology, business, politics, real estate, and finance as well as coaching and personal growth.

As a young man, Scott worked his way through college as a Network Operator maintaining computer systems for hotel reservation systems, rental car companies, and travel agents. This experience gave him the opportunity to explore networking, programming, computers, and the Internet several years before the dot com revolution. It also led him into the world of politics.

After acquiring his Bachelor's in Business Management in 1995, he parlayed his technological experience to work on President Clinton's National re-election campaign as a member of the “President's Advance Team,” traveling across the country creating events with audiences, some in excess of 20,000 people, often done on very short deadlines. He was responsible for coordinating, planning, and executing logistics for the President's visits, all in coordination with Secret Service, the White House Communications Agency, and local as well as foreign government leaders.

From there, he became one of just ten people selected by the President as a White House Defense Fellow assigned to the Pentagon, where he further enriched his professional life from 1997 to 2000, working for the Department of Defense, first as Special Assistant to the Deputy Under Secretary for Industrial Affairs and Installations, and then as Country Director for Bulgaria in the Office of European and NATO Policy, and finally as Special Assistant to the Director of Global Affairs.

Driven to return to his business and technology roots, he co-founded his first Internet business in 1999 ― Motorcycle USA & Motorcycle Superstore ― and for the next several years dedicated his life to growing that business.

By 2003, ready to take on a new challenge, he co-founded First Equity Direct in Del Mar, CA. Serving as its Chief Operating Officer for the next 8 years, he focused on creating a national presence to become a full- service national residential mortgage lender, successfully growing its operations and developing a hard-working team of real estate/mortgage professionals closing transactions in 32 states.

Graduating from a life-changing Masters Program in Spiritual Psychology and earning his Certification in Soul-Centered Professional Coaching, Scott found and embraced his passion for teaching and began coaching others by sharing his experience.

Before joining Tim Braheem and the Performance Experts Team, Scott established Bold Action Coaching, and he worked with John Assaraf at his company NeuroGym, serving as the Director of Programs and learning the business of coaching as well as the latest techniques in Internet marketing, sales, and digital content delivery.

Scott currently holds the Professional Coach Certification from the International Coaching Federation and has coached a wide variety of extraordinary people from the ages of 22 to 73, including CEO’s, Doctors, Corporate Executives, Housewives, Actors, Writers, Filmmakers, and College Students.

Scott lives in San Diego with his fiancé Christine and daughter Lauren. He is passionate about his family, all types of physical fitness, digital marketing and has been called a crazy Steelers fan (which he is).

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