Lisa Fleck

Coach / Branch Manager


“I saw the angel in the marble, and I carved until I set him free”

– Michelangelo


Lisa believes in the inherent individuality of each person and their ability to be the artists of their own lives, creating the masterpiece of their desires.  She feels it is her role to help her community identify the tools that they have within themselves to make their goals and dreams a reality.


Lisa’s life journey has been one of the unexpected paths diverging from the conventional. While preparing to study architecture at university, her life took a turn into motherhood as a young woman.

In 1999, as a single mom of three, Lisa found her way into the mortgage industry after personally experiencing a demeaning and demoralizing mortgage application process. After that experience, she had her most audacious thought ever… “If this is how you do your job, I can do it so much better”. Driven by this new desire and passion to educate and empower homebuyers, and motivated to provide a better future for her children, Lisa left the safety and security of a salaried position to originate loans.

In 2013 Lisa evaluated her career goals and identified areas that could propel her business to new heights, but she didn’t know how to tackle these areas of opportunity on her own. She realized she needed the mentorship from a world-class coach. Within 3 years of being coached, she was able to grow her business from a one person show to a team of 4, achieving national recognition as a top 1% originator. She accredits much of this growth to her commitment to improving her relationship with herself and the accountability that comes with a coach and mentee relationship.

Rooted in a desire to pay it forward, Lisa became a coach herself in 2017, assisting loan officers within her company. She helped these professionals unlock the success inside themselves by connecting with the truth of their individual purpose. “It’s about finding purposeful imbalance in life - to be able to enjoy life, while pursuing your definition of success.”, she says.

In 2019, a new path presented itself when Lisa was accepted into Performance Experts Signature Program. This year long program, and her subsequent participation in the Masters program, has brought her into contact with master coaches, mentors and peers, all who prescribe to the same commitment to growth that Lisa seeks to exemplify every day in her life.

As a Certified Life Coach, managing branches across the country, mentoring new loan officers, and still originating her own full-time book of business, Lisa looks to share her knowledge garnered from real life accomplishments, and missteps, from nearly 25 years in the mortgage industry and 30 years as a leader.

Her success with clients and partners is built on the ability to take complicated concepts and tasks and break them down into digestible key points and processes. Her commitment to clarity and education results in trusted relationships that yield over 40% of her referrals. Her desire to empower clients through education is mirrored by her personal commitment to seeking out certification program to diversify and grow her business.

Lisa has lived a life of constant growth and has learned that mindset is more powerful than outside forces and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, is the secret to success in life.

She continues to chip away at her own personal masterpiece, revealing more of the beauty inside her block of marble every day.
She relishes every opportunity to continue creating the vision of her life and support others in finding theirs.

We're available to discuss your needs and share details about our approach to coaching.

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