Tim Braheem


In 1992 Tim Braheem at the age of 25 unassumingly entered the mortgage industry as a part time loan originator while also working as an assistant manager in the super market industry.  Mr. Braheem achieved immediate success in his first six months in the business earning over thirty thousand dollars in personal commissions.  In January of 1993, Mr. Braheem left his managerial position to become a full time loan originator.  In his first full year he earned over one hundred thousand dollars at the age of 26. His early success was based upon his commitment to creating systems of world-class customer service, evolving his sales and presentation skills, marketing and database management. Soon it became clear that starting his own company was the appropriate next step - and First Rate Financial was formed in 1995 when Tim was only 28 years of age. "There was so much opportunity to do something great. My goal was to create a unique boutique mortgage company that would become the standard in Ventura County."

And indeed by 1998 First Rate Financial was the top mortgage company in Ventura County and per capita one of the highest producing mortgage companies in the United States, led by Braheem as their top producer.  From 1997 to 2004 Mr. Braheem was recognized each year as one of the top fifty producing loan originators in the United States reaching a peak in personal production in 2004 when he personally closed a staggering 676 loans for a total of $236,000,000 in loan volume, ranking him 26th in the United States out of over 400,000 loan originators.  In 2004 Mortgage Originator Magazine inducted Tim along with only seven other originators into its Hall of Fame, recognizing his career achievements

Braheem’s career as an educator and public speaker began in 1999 when major banking institutions such as Bank of America, Suntrust and Wells Fargo hired him to train their staff on sales, marketing, systems of customer service, database management and time management.

In 2001 Braheem, along with his founding partner Richard Katz, founded Loantoolbox.com, an online educational website for the mortgage industry.  As founder, CEO and Head of Faculty, Braheem quickly became one of the top educators in the mortgage industry and by 2006 Loantoolbox had over 11,000 paying members who looked to Tim as their coach. Loantoolbox became the standard for education within the mortgage space. That year, Tim was one of three finalists for CEO of the year as recognized by the Technology Counsel of Southern California.  Also, in 2006 Loantoolbox was recognized by Inc. 500 Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the United States.

In 2007 at the age of 40, Braheem retired and moved with his family to Italy to enjoy a year abroad.  Upon his return Tim enrolled at the University of Santa Monica as a full time student seeking a Masters of the Arts Degree in Spiritual Psychology, which he completed in 2011.  "I’ve always been passionate about understanding what inhibits people from fulfilling their dreams in business and their personal life.  My education at USM has been invaluable in helping me understand on a deeper level how to help people remove the barriers that prevent them from having what they want in their life.  I’m so excited about the skills that I now possess as a coach and teacher that will allow me to make a meaningful impact on people in transforming the results in their life.  The coaching system that I have designed with Performance Experts is applicable to all business professionals as the objective of our model is very simply to ensure that people address the areas in their life, both business and personal, that they feel they are underperforming.  The bottom line is that performance is inhibited in ones life due to limiting beliefs that they have about themselves.  My commitment is to engage on a deep level, with my clients to uncover the barriers that they have placed in the way of them having the success that they want in both their business and personal life.  When I work with a client, we have one directed objective, to remove barriers to enhance performance, resulting in more income and a more vibrant quality of life," explains Braheem.

Currently Tim is the founder, CEO and head coach at Performance Experts, as well as lead facilitator of the L360 Signature Program and L360 Masters Program and currently coaches in excess of 30 of the nation's top producing Loan Officers.

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