Be a Fearless Loan Officer: Overcome Anxiety & Unlock Growth in Today’s Market

challenge choice constriction creativity Apr 08, 2023
Be a Fearless Loan Officer: Overcome Anxiety & Unlock Growth in Today’s Market

It’s A Matter of Choice

Creativity and growth or constriction and fear. Laid out next to each other it’s not much of a decision of what to choose. But when that decision is left to our subconscious, our choice turns into more of a coin toss. The key to regaining control of that choice is to go back in time.

To Be a Kid Again

Think about a child for a minute. When most people were young their imaginations were wild. They were imaginative. They made up stories. So, how would you describe that energy? Was it constrictive, or was it expansive?

You know the answer.

Children are playful and open. They are learning and growing and evolving. They’re expansive.

What you may forget, however, is these traits are not just hallmarks of youth, but also of life and the human experience. Nature continuously shows us that this is the natural way of being. It’s how we’re supposed to act.

But guess what.

Sometimes when we’re in a tough situation like many of you are experiencing right now in the market, we close down and get tunnel vision. We not only operate out of fear and stress, but our drive is also fueled by the hormones associated with fear and stress. And when that happens, we only see what’s directly in front of us. No periphery, no down-the-road, no imagination and certainly no creativity. We merely see the threat directly in front of us.

The Curiosity Challenge

What you need to be practicing right now is how to be curious again. Continually ask yourself what is this situation teaching me? What are the things I always wished I had worked on and mastered in my business that I now have the time to work on? What is it people need from me right now that I may not be seeing?

Notice the curiosity and notice the difference in energy when you’re curious rather than when you’re acting in fear. It’s extremely important right now that you’re looking at this as an opportunity for growth, rather than being in a victim mindset wondering why this is happening to you.

The End Result

The bottom line is those who view this as a time for growth and expansion and evolution will be the people who come out of this smelling like a rose. In turn, the people who shut down and didn’t practice childlike curiosity will, at best, have no greater level of success.

Practicing childlike curiosity isn’t necessarily easy. It takes discipline. Ending your day, every day, asking yourself what did I learn from today? And then writing it down. Ask yourself what you need to do to make tomorrow a more expansive day. Educate your mind and stay away from negative media. This is a time for mental discipline and the emotional intelligence to make sure you are doing healthy things.

The 360 Experience Podcast with Tim Braheem can surely help with staying focused. There are plenty of episodes that focus on these types of positive practices.



Watch Tim Explain this Business and Life Tip:  Creativity Versus Constriction | It’s A Matter of Choice

Remember that while numbers are quantitative, a good loan officer can also make them relative.

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