(Energy!) The Key to Greater Health and Effectiveness

personal development productivity Mar 19, 2020

In this Special Edition Business and Life Tip, Tim  discusses the importance of your energy and the impact it plays in your health and overall effectiveness.  He shares with you a few simple but powerful methods to ensure you can mindfully take full responsibility for effectively managing your own energy. 

Know thyself.  Raise your frequency...for you health, for your family, for yourself. 

The time is now!

Here is the written transcription of the video:

Hey everybody, Tim Braheem, Performance Experts Coaching and Leadership 360 with another special edition of the business and life tips series in these very unique times.

Today's subject matter is the subject matter of your energy.

Recently. I'm a big fan of a wonderful teacher by the name of Dr. Joe Dispenza. I've been following him for about a year and a half now and I've done two of his one week long advanced retreats. Recently, I was in Indian Wells, California in early February attending one of Dr. Joe's events and if you haven't heard of Dr. Joe, I highly recommend, especially right now, you check him out. But, I was at one of his events and I had this really clear awareness at the event. There's nothing more important in life than my energy because my energy dramatically impacts how I experience life, dramatically impacts how others experience me, and has a massive impact on my immune system and my health. And that's factual.

If you aren't aware of that, you can go look up the effects of your energy as it relates to your central nervous system and your immune system. Especially in today's times with the virus, it's out there, managing our energy and making sure that our immune system is at the highest level possible is critically important. So we're not susceptible.

So when I started to think about this, I realized there's only one person that can manage my energy and that's me. I am the sole governing agent of my energy, and you are the sole governing agent of yours. So my question is: What are the things that you're aware of that lower your energetic frequency and what are the things that you're aware of that increase it?

Now, when I say energetic frequency, I want to make sure that I give you a little bit of more information here. We are all energetic beings, that is proven in quantum physics. We're all vibrating at different frequencies and you've experienced this before. There are people that you meet who are vibrating so high that all you know is that you just want to be around them. They're just, they're like a little light in the world, right? And you just, you're drawn to them. And then there are people that are vibrating really low and they feel kind of icky. They're in victim mode and they're blaming everything and everything is what was me. And you're kind of like, ah, I don't really want to hang out with this person very much anymore. That's what I'm talking about when I say energy and our energy that we're carrying is directly impacted by the thoughts, beliefs, and the environment that we are exposing ourself to.

So the question is, what are the things that you're aware of that lower your frequency?

Are you waking up in the morning and taking in far too much content right now on what's going on in the world? What are you doing to increase your energetic frequency? What are the things that light you up? Is it a little standup comedy? Is it a couple of different people in your life that are always in a good mood? And you guys have the same sense of humor and you can banter back and forth to start your day a couple of times to get a laugh going, is it dance? Is it meditation? Is it being out in nature and going for a hike? Knowing yourself right now is critically important. We are in a battle right now, all of us with what's going on in the world and you are on top of it because of the industry you're in.

So this is a time to really carve out a half hour and ponder this question, what are the things that I'm aware of that lower my frequency that then subsequently lower my immune system, lower the experience of those that were around, that are around us, that have to experience us that way and that have an impact in a negative way on the way we view the world. And what are the things that have the opposite effect and how can you build those into your day on a consistent basis?

There's never been a time that it's more important gang than right now. If you say, I don't have the time, you can't afford to not make the time. The time is now!

I hope that you find this Business and Life Tip helpful for you. Raise your frequency. Know thyself. Have a good week.

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