How to Effectively Find Your Calm in This Chaos

personal development productivity Mar 17, 2020

During these uncertain and turbulent times, find your calm, find your center, be the best version of yourself.

In this special edition Life Tip, Tim breaks down for you a powerful and easy to implement plan to manage your energy, reduce stress, increase performance, and connect more deeply with your family. 

Plus... Tim offers you a FREE Meditation to start this practice.

Find the Full Transcript below:

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Hey everyone, Tim Braheem Performance Experts, Coaching and Leadership360 with another edition of the Business and Life series during these unique times.

Today's subject matter is finding calm in the chaos. Now what I mean by that is this, every one of us is going through a chaotic time. Right now our nervous systems are on high alert, we are operating under the hormones of stress. Cortisol and adrenaline are running through our body and having us laser focused on, on things that we are fearful of, right?

I mean, that's part of what our society is about these days with all the is going on. But then on top of it, you and your team have kind of the double whammy because you've had a roller coaster over the last couple of weeks of with a significant amount of inflow of volume and then a significant increase in interest rates and it's caused you to operate under even more stressful circumstances.

So my question to you is, what are you doing? What mechanisms are you putting in place to be able to find stillness throughout your day? Because all the statistics show that when you're operating under the hormones of stress, you're not going to be making wise choices. You're going to be making a lot of mistakes and maybe most importantly you're going to be hurting yourself, on a physical level.

So right now is the time to embrace meditation. I've been meditating for 25 years. I've taught all of my clients the subject matter of meditation. And it's really interesting because it's at times like this that we abort meditation because we feel like we don't have the time for it. But if there's ever been a time to find your center to be able to calm your nervous system... Even if it's just for five minutes a couple of times during the day so you can have more clarity, so you can have a greater degree of health and wellbeing, so you can make more accurate choices and be more efficient... Now is the time.

So a suggestion that I have for you is this, start your day with a five minute meditation or more if you'd like, but I'm just asking for five minutes. Have a mid-day check in for five minutes and then an end of the day so it would look something like this. When you pull up in the parking lot at your office, maybe you do a five minute meditation in your car before you go in, or if you're working from home right now, before you turn that computer on and you'd get going with your day and you start checking CNBC and mortgage backed securities and looking at rates and all that kind of stuff. Center yourself. Five minutes finding your breath. I'm going to create a five minute meditation for all of you that we' are going to be sending out to you in case you'd like to use it.

Now, at mid-day, I suggest that you check in around lunchtime with yourself again halftime. Okay? It's the halftime break. We need to circle the wagons, come back home inside ourselves. Find our center.

Five minutes if you're working at the office or if you're in a home office at the end of the day, before you go to reconnect with your family, find your center. Remember who you are, check-in with yourself inside.

I'm going to tell you a quick tale. An American Indian tribe, back in the day, 150 years ago, there was a tribe of American Indians and the men would go out and they would hunt for food, you know, Buffalo and deer and all of that. Sometimes they would go out to battle other tribes and after a day or two of warring or killing food on their way home, they would set up camp on a neighboring hilltop that was within eye shot of the women and the children. They would sleep there overnight and in the morning after they would wake up, they would build a fire. They would let the smoke rise and that would signal the women and the children in their village that they were coming home.

Now, why would they do that? The reason that they would do that was because they were understanding of the fact that their energy mattered. And if they were out on the prairie hunting or out on the prairie fighting, they didn't want to bring that warring energy back to the family. We need to be thinking along these lines right now to how do we find ourselves? How do we find that stillness inside so we can connect with our family when that long, treacherous day that we're experiencing right now is over. How do we start our day with success by finding our center before we get going and how do we at that midpoint check-in, find that halftime where we can check inside, reorganize our thought process, and then have a great second half of the day.

Like I said, I'm going to create a five minute meditation for you all. I'm going to warn you in advance. I don't have my normal engineer, which is my son Trey, who does all the sound mixing for me, but I want to get this out for you this week. He is busy over the next few days. So it won't be top notch quality sound, but it'll be good enough, I promise you that.  Click Here to Get the FREE Meditation

I recommend that you do that five minute meditation three times a day.

I want to wish you a great week. Thanks for watching.

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