Conquer Loans: The #1 Strategy to Unshakeable Client Trust & Loyalty!

building trust close more deals marketing strategy sales Aug 22, 2023
 The #1 Strategy to Unshakeable Client Trust & Loyalty!

A Formula for Merging Marketing with Sales

What do you want the people you connect with to think? What do you want them to feel? And ultimately, what do you want them to do? It’s a formula I’ve always implemented, especially when I was a loan originator.

The idea of getting people to do what you want is completely dependent on getting them to think and feel a certain way. So, let’s start there.

I want them to think…

… that I bring value. I want them to think that I’m a teacher, that I’ve educated them on something they didn’t know. I want to pass along information that’s valuable to them. 

So… study up and become a student of your craft. Understand your clients. People want to know what’s happening with real estate values and interest rates. They want to know if we are going into a recession. So become a student of those questions and, more importantly, the person who answers them.

I want them to feel…

… that they trust me. Taking it a step further, I want them to feel my compassion. But make no mistake; my compassion is not a sales strategy. It’s a way of being. If I want my potential clients to feel it, I need to feel it as well.

One of the ways you can do that is to be with the person simply. Make interactions far less about you than about them. What are they feeling right now, and how can you help? Sometimes, all someone wants is a person who hears them and listens when they’re struggling, that person who tells them things will be okay.

I want them to… 

This is the easy part. My experience is you don’t even need to ask for their business now. If you handle the first two steps correctly, it is the only outcome. Think. Feel. Do.



Watch Tim Explain this Business and Life Tip: The #1 Strategy to Unshakeable Client Trust & Loyalty!

Remember that while numbers are quantitative, a good loan officer can also make them relative.

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