Performance Accelerator Coaching

This unique 12-month program pairs you up with a highly skilled Executive Coach, offers quarterly access to Tim Braheem and provides best practices from top industry producers who together offer unmatched resources, knowledge and skill to accelerate your success.

  • Do you struggle with time management?
  • Are you always connected to your business and never fully able to spend quality time with your family and take a vacation?
  • Do you want to build a strong group of loyal referral partnerships?
  • Have you dreamed of building a solid support team and a bulletproof process that makes you look good?
  • Are you looking to grow and don't know how?


If so, this program is designed for you!

We consistently help loan officers branch managers and company owners take control of their time, attract committed referral partners, perfect the loan process, deepen their relationships with loved ones, all while increasing their revenue and profits to achieve financial freedom and live a balanced life.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Take control of your day and chose your highest payoff activities.
  • Create a plan to design and implement your ideal life.
  • Approach, connect, and work with loyal referral partners.
  • Create life balance and spend quality time with your family.
  • Leverage your existing client database and build your income.
  • Properly structure your team for the greatest success.
  • Hire "A" players for every position of your team.
  • Overcome the fear of letting go and start trusting your team.

Program Includes:

(1) - 120 Minute - Immersion Session

The program starts with a 2-hour immersion session with your Executive Coach where you outline the next 12-months of learning, and work together to create a customized action plan focused on the areas that will have the maximum impact on your business and life.

(22) - 60 Minute Coaching Sessions

Over the next 11 months of the program, you work together twice a month with your Executive Coach to provide the necessary support and resources to successfully implement your plan.

(4) - 90 Minute Group Calls with Tim Braheem

Exclusive access to four powerful group  Mastermind Calls hosted by Tim quarterly.  On these calls, you have direct access to ask Tim, as well as  top producers from our Leadership 360 family, your most pressing questions.

If you are interested in applying for Performance Accelerator Coaching, please (CLICK HERE TO APPLY).