Balancing Your Work and Life to Create Greater Harmony

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In today’s video, Tim Braheem has the chance to connect with Steve Stearns, a top producer who has been in the mortgage business for over 20 years. Tim and Steve discuss a range of topics, including time management skills, personal development, and advice for overcoming the “hamster wheel,” or cycle, of toxic productivity. In addition, Stearns recounts how the Leadership 360 program helped him improve his business, strike a healthy work/life balance, and achieve contentment in all areas of his life.

More About Steve Stearns

Before taking part in Leadership 360 back in 2013, Stearns had already accomplished several goals that he set for himself. On the outside, he looked like he had it all; he was married to the love of his life, had 5 children, owned his own business, was an incredibly successful producer, and earned more than enough to ensure that he and his family would live a comfortable and happy life. However, despite achieving these impressive milestones, Stearns still didn’t feel truly satisfied. 

In the video, Stearns admits that he initially joined the Leadership 360 program in hopes of creating a 5-year business plan that would allow him to get out of the mortgage business. He thought he simply wasn’t happy with his work, but his mindset changed significantly once he decided to embark on the 7-day retreat to Costa Rica that kicks off the 1-year leadership program. 

Personal Insights and Life Balance Tips

The Costa Rica trip was the first time that Stearns was completely unplugged from his work, family, personal worries, and various responsibilities. Since he was finally able to reflect on his own wants and needs, he began to think about his goals in a different light. During that retreat, Stearns made a commitment to focus more on the experience of working towards a goal instead of focusing solely on the goal itself. This single paradigm shift led to a ripple effect of other positive outcomes:

  • He began to set boundaries, such as not doing any work tasks after 5 PM.
  • His new mindset allowed him to be kinder to himself.
  • Stearns’ improved mood helped create a better work environment for his employees.
  • He began to feel satisfied and happy with his daily productivity.

Productivity and Setting Boundaries

In the last few minutes of the video, Braheem asked three final questions. First, he asked Stearns about what advice he would give to mortgage loan officers who feel as if they don’t have the means to follow his example. Second, Braheem questioned Stearns if his productivity dropped as a result of his transformed mindset. Third, Stearns was asked if the Leadership 360 program was worth the investment.

Stearns’ responses covered all of these queries and offered some additional motivational tips for anyone who feels stuck in the pattern of achievement. He stated that he completely understands those who feel as if they can’t afford to focus on the process instead of their goals because he used to be exactly the same way. “My college graduation was one of the most depressing days of my life,” Stearns admits. Since he was so caught up in earning his diploma, he didn’t truly feel happy once he actually achieved it.

When Braheem asked if his productivity suffered as a result of his improved life balance, Stearns said, “My production actually went up.” He was willing to say no to people who weren’t going to respect his work hours or time, and his confidence actually made him seem more attractive to realtors. Since he was taking better care of himself, he was able to accomplish more during the day and go home feeling satisfied and happy.

For the final question, Stearns said that the Leadership 360 program was well worth the investment. In fact, he called it a “no-brainer” since he ended up making back all of his initial investment and more after the program came to a close. Instead of sticking to his old habits and running on the “hamster wheel,” he was able to take a step back and recognize what truly mattered to him. 

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