Figuring It Out: A New Language for Loan Officers during Tough Times

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Your internal language is everything, as the words you speak to yourself distinctly shape the words that come out of your mouth. Since what you say and how you say it are vital components to your life, the goal should be to continuously work with the neural pathways of your brain, developing the proper internal language for the purpose of cultivating success and improving your experiences.


To understand how to accomplish this, you must first recognize when you stumble.



Lately, when someone asks how you are doing, what do you say? Is it something along the lines of “It’s brutal right now,” or “This is a really tough market we’re in.”


How far has that language gotten you?

Or, maybe you simply answer, “I’m good… I’m good.”

Is that the right answer?

No, because you’re great. The answer should be, “I’m great.”


If you’re thinking this tip is about positive self-talk, you should know that it’s far more about reframing your viewpoint.



“How are you doing?”


“I’m figuring it out right now. This is really a creative time and I’m figuring it out. I’m remaking myself, figuring out ways to get new business and new ways to market myself. Figuring out how to build a new form of business in a market that many people haven’t been in before.”



It’s been a decade or so since any loan officer or mortgage professional has navigated a market like this and much has changed since then. There is new technology and new products that didn’t exist back then. So, we are figuring things out. But we’re figuring out how to be better and stronger than we were before. We’re figuring out how to catapult ourselves to the next level of the mortgage business. And it all starts with our internal language.


Begin by really feeling the difference between the answers up top to the question, “How are you doing?” In the latter, there is energy that not only sparks personal creativity, but it sends the message to clients and referral partners that it’s your plan to become more valuable to them. Not despite what you’re going through, but because of what you’re going through.



When it comes to catapulting their business during the toughest of times, there aren’t too many mortgage professionals who can speak more on the subject than Tim Braheem. Tim is the Head Coach at Performance Experts Coaching and the Host of The 360 Experience Podcast. Two things he is most known for as a loan originator, and as a teacher in the mortgage profession, are database management and a strategy known as The Perfect Loan Process. Each strategy had an incredible impact on the success of his career and each was created during a challenging time in the world of home loans.


His database management strategy and templated drip campaign were developed in 1994 when interest rates were at eight and a half percent. The Perfect Loan Process was developed in 1999 when rates were pretty much the same.


Learn More and Watch Tim Explain this Tip


Translation. The times you can make the biggest leaps in your success and become the most valuable and truest professional are during times when… you’re figuring it out.


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