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EP 38 | How Stress, Anxiety and Trauma Effect your Business and Life with Brian Mahan brian mahan healing mindset trauma wellness Feb 15, 2024

Tim Braheem Interviews Brian Mahan

For over twenty years, Brian Mahan has been a Somatic Experiencing practitioner. He specializes in physiology of stress and in renegotiating shock and developmental trauma.


  1. How past traumatic experiences are stored in the body and...
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EP 33 | The Mindset Required for Challenging Times with Chris Ledlie chris ledlie entrepreneurial mindset mindset Dec 01, 2023

Tim Braheem Interviews Chris Ledlie

Chris Ledlie has led hundreds of originators during his 21 year career in the Mortgage industry. But unlike many leaders who lead with fear, Chris leads with two powerful weapons; his presence and his heart. In this conversation, Chris will break down how...

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EP 24 | Ego vs. Higher Self: How to Identify Your Purpose and Listen with Your Soul with Dr. Ron Hulnick mindset personal development Jul 15, 2023

Tim Braheem Interviews Ron Hulnick

In this episode Tim sits down with his former professor and spiritual guide, Dr. Ron Hulnick. Ron is a co-founder of The University of Santa Monica where he instructs students in Spiritual Psychology. This episode combines the insights and information...

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Figuring It Out: A New Language for Loan Officers during Tough Times meditation mindset personal development productivity Jan 24, 2023


Your internal language is everything, as the words you speak to yourself distinctly shape the words that come out of your mouth. Since what you say and how you say it are vital components to your life, the goal should be to continuously work with the neural pathways of your brain,...

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Podcast Ep. 10 | Meditation is the Ultimate POWER TOOL for Handling Stress with Noah Levine meditation mindset noah levine stress the 360 experience podcast Dec 15, 2022

IN THIS EPISODE, Tim sits down with a well-known meditation teacher and four-time best-selling author on the subject matter of meditation Noah Levine.  In this powerful conversation, Tim and Noah discuss the life-changing power of meditation to live a much happier and more fulfilling life,...

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