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Simple Technique to Prepare for the Next Loan Production Boom long term relationships perfect loan process relationship building staying in touch Mar 22, 2023

Avoiding an Awkward Conversation

Let's talk today about hiring processors, transaction coordinators and other support staff. That probably sounds strange because there’s a decent chance many of you have recently laid off some of your people. But something I know to be true in the...

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Podcast Ep. 9 | Build a Mortgage Practice JUGGERNAUT by Mastering Systems of Service w/Tyler Osby marketing perfect loan process systems of customer service the 360 experience podcast tyler osby Dec 01, 2022

IN THIS EPISODE, Tim sits down with Successful Marketer, Business Systems Creator, and Top Mortgage Producer Tyler Osby to discuss creating superior systems for customer service, successfully marketing strategies, and how to generates consistent monthly purchase business in the current market.


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Client Gifts: Best Practices for Maximum Impact business strategy marketing strategy perfect loan process personal development referral partner system Oct 17, 2019


When it comes to forming lasting relationships with your clients and referral partners, there are two key things to remember. First, you want to make sure that they’re often reminded of you throughout their day-to-day lives: even if they haven’t worked with you in a number of...

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Your Key to Success...Do Your Job With Greatness (It's Simple) business strategy leadership perfect loan process personal development Jul 24, 2019

In Tim Braheem’s latest video, he speculates that being a mortgage loan officer is similar to being the very first runner during a relay race.

Loan originators have to do their part efficiently in order to put the entire loan process into motion. This includes finding potential clients,...

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