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Ep. 36 | How to Win Big in 2024 and Skyrocket Your Business with The Loan Atlas business development loan atlas faculty Jan 15, 2024

Tim Braheem Interviews Some of The Loan Atlas Faculty

With a combined 115 years in the business and over 6.5 billion dollars in loan fundings, these members of the Loan Atlas Faculty share their number one suggestion for success in the New Year. Be prepared to learn about Database...

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EP 32 | How to Build Trust and Take Your Agenda Out of the Equation with Sean Herrero building trust business development business relationships business strategy sean herrero Nov 15, 2023

Tim Braheem Interviews Sean Herrero

Sean Herrero brings a fresh perspective to mortgages with his 19 years of experience, understanding that every home buyer is unique, just like their lifestyles. A lover of the ocean, free-diving, and rock climbing, Sean knows life is for living to the fullest....

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Ep 28 | Top Producing Formulas for Success in Today's Market with Mark Robertson 360 podcast business development business relationships coaching mark robertson Sep 15, 2023

Tim Braheem Interviews Mark Robertson

Mark is a founder and co-creator with NEO Home Loans and Triibe coaching. Mark has been in the mortgage business for 20 years as an originator and Leader. In this conversation with Tim, Mark shares in depth what he is doing right now to reconnect with his...

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How to Create Excitement in the Face of High Interest Rates business development psychological approach reset rising numbers tim braheem Mar 08, 2023

A Psychological Approach to Rising Numbers 

Interest rates have been rising but you may be compounding the issue by taking a lackadaisical approach. Ask yourself if the following sounds familiar.

The Who, The What, and The Why

You start talking to a prospective buyer and for the sake of this...

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Create Inventory In Your Market (Step-by-Step Instructions) business development buyer inventory marketing strategy move up strategy tim braheem Feb 22, 2023

Simple Strategy for a Complex Time

We’re doing things a little differently today because I’ve got something very special for you.

Stick with me because I promise it’s worth it.  I want to show you how you can generate listings utilizing your past client...

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Say Less and Listen More: The Proven Loan Officer-Realtor 1st Meeting Strategy business development referral partner relationships tim braheem Feb 08, 2023

When was the last time you cultivated a relationship with a realtor? Maybe it’s been a while. Maybe you’ve never tried. Whatever the case, loan originating is a contact sport, and if ever there were a time to stop hiding behind your desk and start making coffee, lunch, and zoom...

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