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EP. 45 | The Huge Opportunity with the NAR Ruling with Josh Mettle business growth business strategy nar ruling realtor relationships Jun 01, 2024

Tim Braheem Interviews Josh Mettle

Tim sits down with friend and colleague Josh Mettle, to discuss how originators can best position themselves to partner with Realtors in light of the pending NAR buyer agent commission ruling. Josh is a hugely successful mortgage originator with 1.2 billion...

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EP 31 | Tax Strategies for Bringing Home More Money and Building Wealth with Barbara Schreihans barbara schreihans business growth taxes tim braheem Nov 01, 2023

Tim Braheem Interviews Barbara Schreihans

Barbara Schreihans (pronounced ShREE- hands) is the Founder and CEO of Your Tax Coach, the Creator of the Write Off Your LifeTM Course, and voice behind the Life-Changing Money podcast. She specializes in working with Mortgage and Real Estate...

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Can Joy BOOST Your Energy? Learn How It Changes Work and Life! business growth business tip connection energy frequency joy life tip positive energy Jun 08, 2023

In your career as a loan professional or in your personal life, I've got a question for you today: How do you manage your energy?

Before You Answer…

You first need to understand that energy attracts like energy. If you're in a negative space and you have a negative narrative playing in...

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Winning in Lending: Do You Use Last Impressions Right? business growth connections first impression good impression last impression self awareness tim braheem May 22, 2023

What’s more important, the first impression you make or the last? 

The answer is both.

The Fall

As a loan professional, you certainly want to make a very good first impression, especially if you want an opportunity to work with a referral partner or a potential client. Unfortunately,...

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Want to Be Your Best Self? Find Out How to Make FEARLESS Choices! achievements billion dollar question business growth discipline fear meditation million dollar question tim braheem May 08, 2023

Embracing The F Word

One of the reasons why people don't take the next step is due to the F word. That's right. Fear.

Million Dollar Question

How often does fear control your decision-making process? How often does anxiety cause you to abort what was planned? What must you do to succeed in...

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Become a Winning Loan Officer: How to Stay Top of Mind and Generate Business business growth business relationships business strategy database management interest rates loan officer loan officer scripts mortgage originator networking tim braheem Apr 22, 2023

Gold Mining for the Mortgage Professional

It’s no secret that the mortgage business is a cyclical one. When you hit slow periods, it’s easy to get sidetracked. However, these times can also be an excellent opportunity to get inspired, innovate the process, and rekindle relationships...

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