Want to Be Your Best Self? Find Out How to Make FEARLESS Choices!

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Fear as Your Friend

Embracing The F Word

One of the reasons why people don't take the next step is due to the F word. That's right. Fear.

Million Dollar Question

How often does fear control your decision-making process? How often does anxiety cause you to abort what was planned? What must you do to succeed in this precious time of growth and evolution as a loan professional? Time management is fear management as much as anything else because, underneath the surface, fear drives our decisions about where to spend our time. 

Not-So-Hypothetical Situation

Imagine having a morning routine connecting you with nature, which you know is essential for your well-being. You might start your day with a peaceful walk, indulge in reflective journaling, or immerse yourself in scripture and meditation.

However, one morning, you wake up to find that mortgage-backed securities have taken a hit. As you glance at your phone, a sinking feeling takes over. "Here we go again," you think as fear clouds your mind.

Your carefully crafted morning routine is now at risk of being completely abandoned.

That's fear.

Suddenly, you worry about the two loans that aren't locked in yet, or whether potential homebuyers will put their plans on hold due to market fluctuations.

You run with these narratives.  

The Billion-Dollar Question

Try asking yourself, "What is it costing me to say yes to the things that I shouldn't be saying yes to? What's it costing me to say yes and opt into an activity that is truly a hell no, and not a hell yes? 

By engaging in self-reflection and understanding the impact of such decisions, you can transform the way you approach life's choices. Recognize that fear can be a powerful ally when used to motivate you to stay disciplined and focused on what truly matters.

To assess the costs of your decisions, project yourself into the future and ask, "How much am I sacrificing by not remaining disciplined?"

Consider the long-term implications of your choices: Could they jeopardize your children's college education, prevent you from taking a much-needed vacation, or delay your retirement plans?

Is it potentially causing you to let go of somebody on your team, which you're petrified to do but not originate enough business?

Embrace fear as a friend and use it to propel you forward, ensuring your decisions lead to a fulfilling and successful life.


Watch Tim Explain this Business and Life Tip: Database Management | How to Make FEARLESS Choices!

Remember that while numbers are quantitative, a good loan officer can also make them relative.

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