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The Ultimate Script for Business Communication Excellence! business and life tips loan officer scripts mortgage coaching scripting Oct 08, 2023

Separating Yourself from The Competition

For many people the strategic use of video is a commonplace business practice. But there are still those who are afraid to turn their phone around, shoot a video of themselves and send it out to people. It’s an important tool and an effective...

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EP 25 | Reach Loan Officer Freedom: How to Fearlessly Steer Your Business to Success with Carl White carl white loan officer scripts marketing marketing strategy Aug 01, 2023

Tim Braheem Interviews Carl White

In this episode Tim sits down with Carl White. Carl is a mortgage marketing expert and the CEO of Mortgage Marketing Animals. He is also a branch manager of a successful mortgage branch and the host of The Loan Officer Freedom podcast. He has been teaching...

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Become a Winning Loan Officer: How to Stay Top of Mind and Generate Business business growth business relationships business strategy database management interest rates loan officer loan officer scripts mortgage originator networking tim braheem Apr 22, 2023

Gold Mining for the Mortgage Professional

It’s no secret that the mortgage business is a cyclical one. When you hit slow periods, it’s easy to get sidetracked. However, these times can also be an excellent opportunity to get inspired, innovate the process, and rekindle relationships...

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[Announcement] The 360 Experience Podcast with Tim Braheem is now available! business strategy leadership leadership 360 loan officer scripts marketing strategy personal development productivity referral partner referral partner system team development time management Aug 25, 2022

Malibu, CA August 25, 2022 – Tim Braheem and the Performance Experts team are thrilled to announce their podcast, The 360 Experience with Tim Braheem is now live and available on many of the podcasting platforms as well as directly on their website. ...

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Million-Dollar Strategy: Easy Steps for Setting Up Your Next Deal business strategy loan officer scripts marketing strategy personal development Oct 10, 2019

This guide is essential for loan officers who haven’t perfected their scripts or haven’t created sales script at all. Tim Braheem shares the secrets that he personally used throughout his time in the business that made him more money than any other script he has ever used. Combined...

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