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A Great New Opportunity to Develop Business from Financial Advisors

Dec 08, 2021

Want to get more referrals from financial advisors? I highly recommend a solution for you!

My friend and amazing client Craig Strent produces $100mm+/year and consistently generates predictable referral business from financial advisors. Craig gives you the keys to his success and his tactical approach to identify good advisors, obtain the meeting, and generate the referral. All in an...

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Top Producer Success Secrets: 5 Keys to Developing Relationships with Financial Planners

Oct 24, 2019


In this video, Tim Braheem had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Craig Strent, who has been one of the top 200 producers in the U.S. for 15 consecutive years. Strent’s consistent success is due to his outstanding work ethic and his deep understanding of how to connect with the most valuable partners. The most unique part of his personal business journey is the fact that...

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