[Announcement] The 360 Experience Podcast with Tim Braheem is now available!

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The 360 Experience Podcast

Malibu, CA August 25, 2022 – Tim Braheem and the Performance Experts team are thrilled to announce their podcast, The 360 Experience with Tim Braheem is now live and available on many of the podcasting platforms as well as directly on their website.

The 360 Experience covers a wide range of topics with an emphasis on how to be both successful in business and happy in life, and is aimed to appeal to the mortgage professional, but can be enjoyed by almost anyone as Tim Braheem and his dynamic guests explore subjects that transcend the mortgage industry and will certainly appeal to a wide-ranging audience.

The 360 Experience is off to a hot start with its first 5 episodes featuring all-star guests Jesse Itzler, Josh Mettle, Craig Strent, Caleb LeGrand, Julie Weix, and Scott Bertone.

Tim Braheem says, “I am excited to be having interesting conversations with some of the best teachers inside and outside the mortgage industry.  I already have some incredible new episode guests lined up and can’t wait to share their amazing wisdom with you.”

To contact
The 360 Experience for an interview or other queries, email to: [email protected]

To listen to the most recent episode of the show, check out The 360 Experience

The 360 Experience PODCAST is an exploration, a journey, an adventure.  If you've ever wondered what it takes to be BOTH successful in business and happy in life, this podcast is for you.  Tim Braheem, Hall of Fame Loan Originator, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, and Spiritual Executive Business & Life Coach explores these important topics and SO much more.

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