Beyond Stoic Leadership: Embracing Vulnerability in Business

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Becoming a Great Leader

There’s Nothing More Important

What makes a great leader? While you’re thinking about the attributes, I’ll offer that at the core of great leadership is the ability to cultivate trust with the people you’re leading. If you don’t follow through on the promises you make to the people you’re leading, how can you expect to lead them?

It's All in The Style

The old school style of leading is to be stoic. But “Never let them see you sweat,” and “
Spin everything positive,” aren’t effective philosophies. When a person’s reality is different than the version you’re portraying, your credibility starts to erode.

I’ll offer that truly effective leaders are those who aren’t afraid to show vulnerability. Even when they ‘re afraid themselves. 

My Personal Experience

I was in Europe with my wife on our honeymoon when rates first skyrocketed, and fear spread throughout the world of real estate. The first thing I did when I came back into town is I sat with my team and let them know I was worried too. While I didn’t know exactly what the future would offer, I knew that to get through it we’d have to do it together. We needed to mastermind what it would take for our team weather the storm.

My advice is to tell your team the truth. They will follow you only if they trust you. 


Watch Tim Explain this Business and Life Tip: From Panic to Power: The Best Leadership Strategy for Unpredictable Waters.

Tim Braheem is the Head Coach at Performance Experts and the Host of the 360 Experience Podcast. Tim used this technique as an originator, as do his clients in the Leadership 360 program.

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