The Secrets to Creating Great Social Media Video

business strategy marketing strategy Apr 17, 2019

Using videos to engage with an online audience can be a bit difficult at first. You may not know where to begin with content creation, how to truly connect with your followers, or what kind of videos your audience would like to see. Perhaps you’re even a bit camera-shy and feel reluctant to create your own unique videos! 

No matter how long you have been working as a loan officer, today’s topic will provide the tips you need for creating meaningful videos that can improve your overall Facebook marketing strategy.

Advice from a Marketing Expert

During the Leadership 360 retreat that occurred back in October 2018, attendees got the chance to learn from social media marketing expert Bill Hillestad for two full days. Hillestad explained how loan officers can create effective videos by establishing a sincere connection with their audience. Even those who were initially nervous or hesitant about video creation were inspired to start uploading and sharing their very own content on social media. Here are some of the key tips Hillestad shared to help you create a connection with your audience:

  • Create a short list before recording. Write down 3 to 4 bullet points of what you want to address during your video. They don’t need to be full sentences or well-developed thoughts; just jot down a few keywords that will help you stay on track when you’re speaking. Read over your list a few times prior to creating your video.
  • Don’t read while recording. Eye contact is one of the most effective ways for your audience to feel engaged with your message. If you’re reading off your notes or a teleprompter when you’re recording, you will be unable to look directly at the camera lens. This might make you come across as disconnected and unenthusiastic about the topic.
  • Reject the idea of being “perfect.” Many people have such high standards for their content that they will completely redo a video if they make one little mistake during the recording. If you’re concerned about creating the perfect video, we want to encourage you to let go of that idea and simply focus on being real. Customers don’t want a flawless, rehearsed speech; they want to see your passion and personality come through!
  • Remember it’s OK to be nervous. If you find yourself feeling anxious or uncomfortable with video creation, it’s perfectly normal. Like any other skill, it takes time and practice to improve. During your videos, you may even acknowledge the fact that you’re nervous in order to further connect with your followers. Start the video by stating that you are anxious about being on camera, but your message is too important for you to keep it to yourself.

Components of a Great Video

There are four different ways to “measure” the effectiveness of your social media posts: impressions, likes, comments, and shares. Of these four, comments and shares are the most valuable since they improve engagement and allow you to reach more people with your content. In order to create videos that your followers will be inspired to talk about and share, you must keep these components in mind: be empathic and always keep your followers in mind. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What would customers want to know? Many people mistakenly approach content creation with the completely wrong mindset. Instead of talking about subjects that could personally affect and help the customer, they talk about unrelated topics or subjects that are boring to listen to. Use social media to ask customers what they want to know before creating a video to get some valuable insights!
  • How can I seem more natural on camera? Chief Growth Officer Neil St. Clair offers several pieces of advice in an article he wrote for Forbes back in 2014. He encourages people to start off their video with a strong attention-getter and keep the video concise in order to boost the number of viewers. St. Clair also recommends monitoring your body language, paying attention to filler words, such as “um” or “like,” and practicing being in front of a camera.
  • How can I foster relationships with customers? Social media is easily the best way for modern loan officers to build long-term relationships with clients. To create a personal connection, you don’t need to just address business-related subjects. Feel free to loosen up and share what’s going on in your personal life. Share a funny story that happened recently, or do a live Q&A with your followers. There are countless opportunities to let your audience get to know you, so make sure you leave a great impression.

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