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business strategy marketing strategy Mar 13, 2019

I want to tell you a story, about a client that is not part of the Leadership 360 program but he is coached privately by Julie Weix — who’s my partner in Leadership 360. His name is Jeremy Radcliffe and he disclosed something in the recent Masterminding session that was really brilliant.

In our coaching programs, one-on-one sessions and in our group coaching dynamic with our clients we used a platform called, Zoom. Some of you are probably familiar with Zoom, it is similar to Skype but I like the platform a lot more as it’s a bit more stable.

Jeremy picked up on an idea which is “Hey, I should be using Zoom to connect with my clients if I’m not meeting with them face to face.” which I think is a brilliant idea.

Incorporating this into your presentations scheme is a great thing to be thinking about.  Sharing with a client when you talk to him on the phone say, “Hey, the next time we talk when I review the numbers with you I’d like to do it on video conference. Please download this app, I’m going to send you a link to it, we’ll get on a video call together so we can associate face with voice and connect more deeply and you can have me walk you through the presentation platform.

But here’s the kicker, here’s the part that I think is super cool. What Jeremy also thought of is, “I’m going to record these sessions because there’s a little button at the bottom where you could just hit “Record".

Imagine this, your talking to your prospective clients, for 15 minutes, you're going over loan financing options, you usually only talk to one of the two people in the transaction as generally one person in the spousal relationship takes the lead. At the end of that conversation you recorded the session, then you simply say:

You know one of the things that I find to be important is to make sure that your partner in this process, your spouse is looped-in, in understanding of everything that we discussed as well. I took the time to record this session, would it be okay with you if I forwarded this to him or her and share with them that they may want to watch it so they could feel educated and up to speed on what it is that we’re doing on your home financing, on your new purchase transaction.

Now that’s so-so smart.

One of the things that we missed out on so often as loan originators, is that we only develop a connection with one of the two people in the relationship.

What I will offer to you is... Often times the person that takes the lead with the financing is not the better of the two when it comes to referring. Usually, you're talking to the person in the relationship that is numbers oriented, they are often times very busy because maybe their running their own business as well, which is why their kind of geared towards the subject matter of mortgage financing.  They don’t necessarily have as big of a social network as their partner may have, whether I’d be the husband or the wife that is not taking the lead.

We miss out on that opportunity far too often to create a connection with that other person who could be a second ally.

Let’s go one step further...

We leave ourselves exposed and vulnerable by not creating a connection with that other partner.  That other partner may end up bringing competition into the equation for you because their friend told them that they have a loan person who’s really terrific and the next thing you know you're competing. I know this has happened to you before.

This Idea that I’m offering up to you that Jeremy shared is something that you should be giving consideration to: 

I hope that you find this business and life tip helpful for you and we’ll be back to you shortly with another one.


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