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business strategy marketing strategy Oct 22, 2018

Today's Business & Life Tip, I want to talk to you about Social Media. And the power of it, and yet how I think, it is greatly misused by a lot of mortgage professionals.

Let me just first established something that I think is, a very important rule to marketing. The only thing really ultimately matters, is that the content is considered to be relevant and valuable to the person that’s receiving it. Now we’ve all receive these newsletters from accountants and financial planners before as an example, that we just throw in the trashcan because their not written for us. They're written for their profession, tax law changes, mutual funds that you can invest in and etc. At the end of the day, people read things that they deemed to be important.

One of the mistakes that I see far too frequently is, loan originators that are using their Facebook page and their Instagram account to post an inordinate amount of information about interest rates, mortgages, etc – this stuff doesn’t work. You can mix it in every once in a while, to be able to gain maximum impact and to catch their eye when there’s a dropping rate, so we really want to feature something about your services. But ultimately at the end of the day, if that’s your message consistently, they’re going to tune out. You need to be able to grab them with personal information and valuable things, that they find to be important to them, as I said.

In Costa Rica this past November, Ryan Grant who’s a superstar originator with a benchmark mortgage, he’s in Orange County California. Ryan does about 30 loans a month. One of the things that he shared with our group, that I thought was incredible was something that he has one of his Teammates do on a daily basis with their social media page. Now, before I get into explaining this I want to ask you a question. When you post a photo to Instagram or when you post something on Facebook, what’s the next thing that you do repeatedly over and over as it relates to your account? You check it to see who’s comments on it, don't you? You check to see how many likes you got, don’t you? We all do and every one of your customers does the same.

Exchange contact information, of course, is a point of sale with your referral partners and your new clients. And then, create a discipline to where on your feed your consistently looking at the things that are happening in their life, the post that their making, and discipline some time and if you can assign it more importantly to a team member to reply to their photos and their posts. What will then ultimately happen is, they’re going to feel an obligation just like you, and I do to then, start looking at your page, looking at your photos and liking and replying to your posts.

Now we have the makings of an interactive relationship that has gone deeper than just the transaction relationship associated with the mortgage loan that you're doing for them. This is when, you want to employ the strategy of putting on your Facebook page and your Instagram account about every 10th to 15th post or so, something about Mortgages. But used that account to help them understand who you are, help them find a connection with you as a person, so they could find the common denominators.

So you could create that likability factor. That likability factor is so important to people that ultimately referring business to you because people refer business to people that they like.

I hope this helps, Good luck with your success.

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