Top Mortgage Originator Secret: Eliminate Reactivity by Being Proactive

business strategy marketing strategy Mar 20, 2020

In this special edition Business and Life Tip, Tim breaks down one of the most important concepts on creating more opportunity, and that is by giving yourself MORE of the most precious resource "TIME". 

Tim discusses a couple specific ideas on how you can eliminate reactivity by becoming proactive and how this will allow you to create more opportunity for more people more quickly.

The time in NOW to make the most of how you communicate with your past client database.  

Here is the written transcription of the video:

Hey Everybody, Tim Braheem Performance Experts Coaching and Leadership 360 with another Business in Life Tip from the Special Edition of Business and Life tips during these unique times.

Today's business tip is about your proactively communicating with your database.

Now first let me start by saying that I consider your social media platforms like Facebook in particular to be an extension of your database. But for the beginning of this tip, let's just talk about your pure database, whether it be Salesforce or whatever system you're using, the one that it has, all the loan terms already in there and you have the closing dates and all that kind of stuff.

So I've been getting a lot of questions lately about should I be segmenting my database? You know, how do I know who to prioritize, who to reach out to first? So the answer, first of all in my view is one that's not politically correct.

It's just good business sense, which is I'm gonna reach out to the people first and foremost that I enjoyed working with that I worked with efficiently that understand my modality of how I work that understand that I'm managing their debt, they're going to respond quickly that are going to get me documentation fast so I can help as many people as possible. That's number one. Okay. If you have people in your database that you can save money for right now, but boy, it was like pulling teeth when you did their loan. I'm not making them the priority over people that worked efficiently with me because those people who work inefficiently with me are going to cost me the opportunity to save other people money. Common sense, right, but sometimes we need to have that spelled out for us.

Now, on top of that, I would also be looking at who you can save the most money for. You know, if you have somebody right now who's at 4 1/2 percent on a 30 year fixed versus somebody who's at 3 7/8's I'm calling the person that I can save the most money for right now to try to seize that opportunity for them and get them the most bang for their buck. Okay?

That's not to say that I'm not going to try to help the person at 3 7/8's, but we only have so many hours a day and we do need to chunk this down and have our attack plan. Now what's the best way to go after those people? Well, one way would be to do what I'm doing right now, flip your phone around, record a video, the business of life tip that I put out there earlier this week. I gave you a really good script and you could jump, just copy that and put it on video. I would get that out on Facebook to blanket the market, have people contact you in a way that is most efficient for you.

You can also use Slybroadcast, which is something that I used religiously back a whole long time ago, 15-20 years ago. That's how I'd reach a lot of people really fast, it just leave one message on everybody's voicemails. That's another good way to do it. Lastly, of course as you can do a very concise and to the point video explaining market conditions, laying out the game plan for them, telling them that you want them to contact you so you can identify a go rate. You want to get their application going. You want to get their documentation in and have it ready to go. So when rates drop, you can act quickly and you could send that out via email.

So getting yourself organized. One of the things that I used to do during these types of times when rates would plummet is that I would go to my assistant and I would give her certain criteria as to what reports wanted to see out of my database. Give me everybody that has a 30 year fixed rate mortgage at 4% or higher. Give me everybody that has a 15 year at 3 1/2 or higher, you know, based upon a loan amount of $350,000 or higher, etc, etc. . So really taking a step back to work as a strategist to really assess and analyze who are the people right now that I can help the most so you're not reacting okay to to a bunch of phone calls from people that are going to take up a lot of your time with long conversations and they're not really even in a position to take advantage of the opportunity.

Also changing your voicemail on a daily basis to say to people, currently the interest rates are at this. If you have an interest rate at this or higher, we should talk immediately. If you have an interest rate at this rate or lower, we don't have an opportunity to help you right now, but just leave me a message letting me know what the interest rate is that you would like me to target for you and I will watch it for you on a daily basis and I will log it into my computer system after I hear a voicemail and as soon as that rate is available, we'll go from there.

Having a video already locked and loaded for that, so when somebody leaves you the message and they say, hey Tim, I got your message and currently I'm at 3.25 And I realize right now it's not yet the time, but boy, I'll tell you if you can get me something at 2 7/8's, I'd really like to jump on it. You have a video that's already recorded that that you just send out to them that tells them exactly what the deal is and how you're going to watch it for them on an ongoing basis. But work efficiently is my point .

Right now is a time where we need to streamline the process, there's an old adage that I've been teaching for a very long time: To eliminate reactivity, Be proactive.

Right now, all of you are reacting a lot, and it's creating a lot of stress for you. So when you're reacting, ask yourself the question, what can I be doing proactively to eliminate that reactivity? So building a library or three or four different videos that are stock videos that you send out to people, changing your voicemail, changing your out of office reply. Proactively getting out there to the community and educating them and telling them if you have this rate or higher contact me.

Really getting clear in what your message is.

I hope that you find this to be helpful. Look forward to helping you in the future.

I hope you've had a great week. Bye bye.

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