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Leadership 360 Masters Program

A exclusive one year business & life coaching program to L360 graduates, recognizing the unbelievable synergy to continually developing their businesses consciously and looking to cultivate life balance along with business growth.


Here's what you'll get and more...

Leadership 360’s Master’s Program is the result of the encouragement of our Signature graduates. Those who graduated from the Leadership 360’s one-year Signature Program. 

What makes these retreats unique is that we bring in an outside trainer for each of them. At the September 2015 retreat, we had an expert in time management. In Chicago, we brought in a former CEO of a coffee franchise who trained us on leadership – effective team meetings, how to hire correctly and proper employee reviews.

When you join Leadership 360, you have become part of something bigger, you become part of an amazing family of mortgage professionals who know where you are, have been where you've been, and are willing to help you get where you want to go.

This Deeply Immersive Performance & Life Coaching Program will challenge you to design the life you most desire, while fully supporting you to be the best version of yourself in business and in life.

It is a one-year program that consists of two retreats – one in Southern California and one 6-months later at an alternative location somewhere else in the country. We, as a group, vote on that location. As an example, in the spring of 2016 we met in Chicago and we had an absolutely amazing retreat and an unbelievable time.

During the months you are not on retreat your implementation will be supported by our highly skilled Executive Coaches who will work with you ensure you are fully supported on the successful implementation of your business and life goals.

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Leadership 360 Masters Program will create significant positive change in your business & life...

You will:

Committing to at least 3 MIG's

Speaking of goals, you never leave a Leadership 360 retreat without committing to at least 3 MIGS, or MASSIVE IMPACT GOALS. You select one MIG that is business related, one that is personal and then a third that’s a wild card. It can be either business or personal. At that point you develop the corresponding action items, or actionable steps to ensure the MIG is successfully implemented into your business or your life.


You also leave the retreats with two comrades, as we break you up into teams of 3. You and your two partners will meet every single month to help support each other on the successful implementation of your massive impact goals.

Tap into this Collective Resource of Talent

After all, we’re talking about some of the top originators in the country – incredibly intelligent people who think a lot alike. In Chicago, as an example, the group came to us and asked what would it look like if we were to create a resource exclusive to those in the Master’s group? So, in the summer of 2016 we launched the Leadership 360 Dropbox a private drop box containing the best practices and intellectual property of all of its members, everything from marketing materials and scripts, to processes for hiring, training and leadership, to interviews with each member in the Master’s.

Resource and strategies to strengthen your business

  12-Month Deeply Immersive Performance Coaching Program
  Private One-on-One Coaching
  World Class Outside Trainers
  Network of Top Producers
  Leadership 360 Proprietary Business & Life Plan

Take your Life to the Next Level.

What Our Members Are Saying...


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