Are you ready to change your life? Only 3 Spots remain!

leadership leadership 360 Jul 11, 2019

This September, we will launch Leadership360 Group 8!

We're in the depths of the interviewing candidates that want to go through the one year transformational coaching experience.

...And 6 of the 9 Spots for that program are already filled. Only 3 Spots left!

Led by Tim Braheem. Together with Executive Coaches Julie Weix or Scott Bertone, Leadership360 will create significant positive change in your business and life...

  • Master Time & Uncover Your Unique Genius. Get equipped on how to create and focus on your game plan to reach your goals faster and to achieve the best results possible from your business and life success. Paired with uncovering your unique genius — that special gift that you carry around in the world and how to really leverage that and utilize it in your business practice.
  • Create Your Marketing Machine. How to market directly to the consumer, how to market to realtors, accountants, financial planners, insurance agents and how to market to your past customer database to ensure that you are getting a lot of repeat and referral business.
  • Enjoy the Perfect Loan Process. Focusing on your system for customer service. How you facilitate a loan from the beginning of it being a lead until after the loan closes to ensure that you have a raving fan customer that comes back time and time again and refers his friends and family members to you.
  • Get Much More Freedom! We will focus on building your team. How to hire, train, manage and develop a vibrant culture for your team to flourish.  So you can have your job description refined even more than it is currently so you could spend more time focusing on high pay-off activity because your team has your back.
  • Overcome Your Fears, Stories, and Excuses. Evenings on Costa Rica retreat are all about the Inner Game where we focus on the belief system that has traditionally held you back from achieving the success you know you can achieve in your career and in your life.

Let's explore together and see if this is the year you could take things in the next level. 



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