The Easiest Marketing Strategy to Implement

business strategy marketing strategy referral partner system Dec 03, 2018

Today's Business & Life Tip, is probably the simplest one that I’ll ever give you to implement and yet has such an impact on your overall business growth if you implement it consistently. I call it, "Two-a-Day, Ten-a-Week, 520-a-Year".

Now, I’ve always said that the loan officer with the most friends wins and I really want you to think about the word friends and friends is a key phrase. If you build a friendship with your referral partners and your past customers the results will then take care of themselves because people take care of friends. You want to start to transition the relationship from the business interaction to more of a personal one and that’s what I did with this little method.

Every morning...

My personal assistant Fernwood put two blank handwritten note cards on my desk and my job would be to write out a handwritten note to two different people every single day, the end of the week I will have written ten, at the end of the year 520. Now the key phrase here is personal handwritten note cards, not business handwritten note cards. I don't want there to be a business card in the envelope, I don’t want it to have a company logo on the card or on the envelope. What might a card like this saying who would I write it to, well it could be written to anybody: it could be to your mom, it could be to your sibling, it could be to a friend, it could be to a real estate agent or past client. The only thing that matters to me is that you're getting out 500 of these a year.

One day...

I recall I had a real estate agent named Kathy who her only son Christopher, gone away to college I knew that she was bummed out about it. I grabbed that note card and I thought who could I write one to today – I wonder how Kathy’s doing? So, I jotted her a note, “Hi Kathy, I’m sitting here at the office thinking about you. I know that it’s a little bit lonely with Chris being out of the house and in college and I wanted to let you know if you want to get together for a cup of coffee and just talk. I’m here for you sincerely Tim.” Now notice “sincerely Tim” – not Tim Braheem President First-Rate Financial, not Tim Braheem Loan Officer, none of that. “Sincerely Tim” and the reason is that, the minute that you put a business card or a company logo, or anything like that a title, etc in this message, their guards going to go up. This is going to come straight up because it’s going to feel like a sales call and we want to avoid it feeling like a sales call because once again were transforming the relationship into a friendship, into a personal relationship.

The results of this are profound, you’re not going to get a tangible payoff, in other words, you’re very seldom going to get somebody calling you up and going you know I have a loan for you because of that card that you sent for me. You have to trust the processing system, but it makes really good sense, I think it’s pretty logical if you think about it. If you have a 500 correspondence of personal nature especially in today’s technology age, taking a moment to write someone a card has a huge impact on the connectivity between you and that individual.

So start implementing this I think you’ll find the same results that I did and best of luck to you.


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