Top Producer Success Secrets (Creating a Thriving Workplace Culture!)

business strategy leadership personal development Oct 02, 2019


When it comes to cultivating a vibrant work environment, top producer Jim Bakhtiar is one of the experts. During his inspiring talk with Tim Braheem, Bakhtiar highlights several guiding principles that he has personally used in his own workplace to create a joyful culture that benefits clients and employees alike.

If you want to know how it’s possible to make employees feel happy to come to work everyday, here are the top 7 recommended practices to consider:

1. Encourage staff to take breaks.

It’s been proven time and time again that taking regular breaks improves overall productivity and reduces stress. To encourage his team to get up from their desks a few times everyday, Jim has plenty of fun things for them to do. Employees can take a quick 10-minute break to play cornhole or ping pong, or they can grab a healthy snack or coffee from the cappuccino machine.

To start normalizing breaks in your office, you could try implementing the Pomodoro technique. This productivity strategy relies on cycles of working for 25-minute blocks followed by 5-minute breaks. After 3 or 4 cycles, you can take a 15-20 minute break. It might not sound like much, but it has made a world of difference for some workers!

2. Have fun together.

Jim claims that his motto is, “If we’re not having fun doing this, let’s do something else.” It’s how his workplace evolved into having Friday happy hours, a monthly “dog day,” and a margarita machine. The office became a place where employees began to feel more like family than co-workers.

In addition, author and notable conference speaker Amanda Gore recorded a number of impressive benefits that a fun work culture can create. She notes that, on average, happy employees are:

  • 43% more productive.
  • 19% less likely to call in sick.
  • 125% less likely to burn out.
  • 33% more likely to increase profitability.
  • 51% more likely to reduce turnover rates.

3. Be generous with the “little things.”

The philosophy is that a single small perk, such as providing free snacks, may not seem like much on its own. But when several little things accumulate, it can have a big impact. Bakhtiar’s employees reap the benefits of the workplace even when they’re off the clock because they were given thoughtful benefits like free gym memberships and unlimited car washes.

4. Make people feel special.

Everybody wants to be recognized when they accomplish something—especially by the leader in the workplace. Be sure to regularly check in with each individual to let them know that you genuinely care about them and value the work they contribute to the team. Simply bringing desserts for someone’s birthday or designating an “employee of the week” can be encouraging.

Another possible tactic could be a weekly drawing to go to lunch with you (on the company’s dime, of course) and discuss anything that’s on their mind. It will help people feel recognized, listened to, and valued.

5. Revamp team meetings

Start out each morning on a positive note by having everyone answer one simple question: "What's the best thing that happened to you since we last met?" This simple ritual takes mere minutes, but it can easily transform a tired or bored employee into an alert and engaged team member. Even a study conducted by Harvard confirmed the fact that displaying gratitude can help you become happier!

6. Encourage employee growth.

As people become more experienced and adept at their job, be aware of their strengths and provide them with ample opportunities to move to a higher position. You could also offer a program for employees to return to school, or pay off their student loans. This will display that you value having competent team members, and your clients will be incredibly grateful for it.

7. Invest in your own happiness.

When asked about his experience in the Coaching Program, Jim said, “It’s a life-altering experience for the better.” He was able to focus solely on his personal development, which led him to experience less stress, more productivity, and a higher quality of life overall.

If you’re seeking to improve your employees’ happiness, be sure to take care of yourself first. Whether it’s finding time to meditate, exercise, journal, or Join our Coaching Program yourself, remember that you can’t give your best if you don’t feel your best.

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