The 360 Experience

The 360 Experience

Hosted by: Tim Braheem

The 360 Experience PODCAST is an exploration, a journey, an adventure. If you've ever wondered what it takes to be BOTH successful in business and happy in life, this podcast is for you. Tim Braheem, Hall of...

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Ep. 6 | Win the Relationship (NOT THE DEAL) and Flourish with Dirk Nevelle

IN THIS EPISODE, Tim sits down with Top Producer Dirk Nevelle to discuss how his unique approach to his business and personal growth has allowed him to form deep connected relationships that have helped him excel in...
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Ep. 5 | Create an UNBELIEVABLE Life Resume without Regret with Jesse Itzler

IN THIS EPISODE, Tim sits down with Jesse Itzler to discuss how his unwavering mindset and his INSANE sense of urgency have helped him build an incredible life resume filled with unbelievable adventures and...
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Ep. 4 | The Keys to Creating Superfans of Your Mortgage Practice to THRIVE in any Market with Caleb LeGrand

IN THIS EPISODE, Tim sits down with Mortgage Lending ALL STAR Caleb LeGrand to discuss how he built one of the nation's most highly rated and trusted Mortgage Practices by focusing on his daily disciplines, the...
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Ep. 3 | The Secret Sauce (and Missing Links) to be the BEST Version of Yourself with Julie Weix and Scott Bertone

IN THIS EPISODE, Tim sits with Executive Mortgage Coaches Julie Weix and Scott Bertone from Performance Experts to discuss how they help their amazing clients strip away the invisible barriers that hold them back from...
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Ep. 2 | Why the Ancient Art of Kaizen will have a MASSIVE Impact on your Business and Life with Craig Strent

IN THIS EPISODE, Tim sits down with Craig Strent from APEX Home Loans for a deep dive into the critical keys, philosophies, and habits that has allowed Craig to build a successful loan origination business, a...
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Ep. 1 | How to be WILDLY Successful and LIVE to be 120 with Josh Mettle

IN THIS EPISODE, Tim sits down with Josh Mettle from NEO Home Loans to discuss his essential daily habits and strategic practices that have led to his amazing success and his quest to live a full life to 125.   You...
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