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Today's Business & Life tip

Today's Business & Life Tip. We're in the heart of mindset and belief systems. You know our beliefs that we carry inside of us drive our behaviors, – what we think influences how we act.

I don't think that comes as a surprise to many of you but perhaps you haven't connected those dots or thought about that in some time,  and our upper limit beliefs as we call them this kind of glass ceilings that we bought up against that prevent us from having what we want in our business and in our life, are really important beliefs to take a look at and to look at whether they’re true, and to work on reframing those beliefs to carry a new healthier belief system.

Let me give you examples of upper limit beliefs that have got in the way of some of our clients. We had client one time who was working excessive hours. I mean, this person was working 75 to 80 hours a week, was not in good physical or emotional health and what was driving this behavior was a belief that because she made about 10 times more than her staff did. She was making about 550 a year an income and her staff was making 50 to 55 thousand dollars a year each. She held a belief that, that was wrong and that it was unfair, and that it wouldn’t be appropriate for her to not be in the office before they arrive every day, and to leave after they departed every day. This heavy belief was rooted in her past, in her upbringing, instilled or implanted in her by some things that her parents had said to her that had a huge impact on the way, that she thought and therefore behaved enacted that was driving a lot of imbalance and dysfunction in her life.

There are other loan originators that I know of, that believe very strongly and makes a lot of sense when we talked about this before. That if they are not the person to give status to the real estate agent and to the client, that those people will not revere them, they won't like them and they won't refer business to them because they feel that it’s their responsibility to do so. And a lot of cases that belief was implanted in consciousness, of all of you that are holding that when you first started in the business because you were the person because you had nobody else on your team that could provide that status. You were the person that provided these updates and people rewarded for you for it, by continuing to do business with you and referring more clients to you. So, you bought into this story, this belief that it has to be done that way. There are other people that I know as an example, that hold the belief that if their not at the closing table at the doc signing that the realtors going to be disappointed or that the clients think that they didn't care. This is the faulty belief and...

As an example back to the first story, we were able to help this woman get really clear on the fact, that the greatest gift that she could give to her team was to model balance and vigilance on how to manage time for her team. That in fact, leadership is about just that and by being in the office at 6:00 am and leaving at 8:30 every night. She was actually modeling something that’s pretty detrimental to her team, her team was working excessive hours too. And then, she sat down and talked with them about that and had a really authentic and honest conversation. First of all her team was totally stoked that she wanted to start leaving early and coming in later, and they fully supported her on that. Told her that they were completely thrilled because they wanted her to be healthier and happier, and then they also acknowledged the fact that they were working a lot more hours because they were feeling guilty that if they didn’t, that she’d be disappointed in them because of the amount of hours she was working. So, it was a whole bunch of misunderstanding is occurring here.

This stuff is really important, it's pervasive, we all do it, we all carry around these belief systems. It’s time to start teasing them apart. It's one of the things we do to help our clients with the coaching program that we run.

I hope that you have found this business and life tip to be helpful to you. To your success and we’ll talk to you pretty soon.


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