Realtor Masterminds: Bringing Massive Value to Your Referral Partners

business strategy leadership referral partner system Sep 18, 2019

In the latest update from Tim Braheem, he had the chance to interview and consult with Allen Tayman, a leading mortgage loan officer operating in Washington, D.C. Tayman has over 25 years in the mortgage business, and he revealed some of the top strategies that have helped him achieve his success. One of the primary things that Tayman discussed was his unique strategy for developing better relationships with real estate agents and referral partners, which is something that all loan officers should strive to improve.

Launching a Mastermind Group

Realtors and loan officers don’t often form close relationships, and it isn’t uncommon for them to disagree when it comes to serving customers. However, both parties have the same end goal, which Allen recognized throughout the many years of his career. He ended up asking himself what he could do in order to improve relations with real estate agents and referral partners, and this thought inspired him to create and host a “mastermind group.”

Allen explains that the mastermind group was a way for him to bring value to his partners and help them achieve greater success in their careers. The group was comprised of about 5 different agents from slightly different areas so they wouldn’t be working alongside direct competitors, and they met together for a total of 3 sessions to cover a host of relevant topics, including:

  • Time and energy management.
  • How to market to various personality types.
  • Strategies for connecting with clients.
  • Social media marketing techniques.
  • Relationship-building.
  • Self-care and personal development. 

Results of the Mastermind Group

Although Allen explains that his end goal wasn’t to get more referrals and business, this was a pleasant side effect from creating these valuable sessions for real estate agents. He discovered that realtors were truly passionate about learning new ways to grow their businesses and improve their personal lives. Allen mentions that it was a “cool experience” to see people get excited about the information provided and become more engaged throughout every session.

However, Allen insists that it wasn’t just him that made the mastermind group a success.  He welcomed in people from the outside to share their expertise in various subjects. For example, when Allen mentioned social media marketing during one mastermind session, he actually brought in a social media manager who was able to deliver a stellar presentation and provide beneficial advice to the participants. This showed realtors that Allen’s goal for the group wasn’t to show off his knowledge and decades of expertise; it was to genuinely help others by creating the best possible experience for them. 

Allen’s Final Tips for Loan Officers

Any loan officer who wants to form better connections with their referral partners should consider creating their own mastermind group. He recommends covering all aspects of their lives, instead of limiting topics solely to the business realm. A few key areas to touch upon may include:

  • Time-blocking.
  • Meditation and/or using mantras.
  • Forming a more positive workplace.
  • Recognizing personal goals.
  • Being in the present.
  • Building lasting relationships with clients.

Loan officers should also keep in mind that there are numerous benefits to forming long-lasting partnerships with realtors, and that they could learn a lot from real estate agents as well! You may be surprised at the wisdom and insights that others can bring to the table.

Impact of Coaching with Performance Experts

Lastly, Tim's last question for Tayman regarded his experiences during the Coaching program and any advice he has for those who are thinking about joining.  After a brief pause, he replied that it was a tough question because he got so much out of the program. He said that he learned about the “perfect loan process,” ways to improve the client experience, and how to become more content with himself. “It’s more of a joy to come into work,” Allen explains. He was able to create systems that truly worked to make his life easier.

In his personal life, Allen feels like he became a kinder and more patient person since he entered the program. After he took the time to self-reflect and gain expert advice from others within the program, his worrying about work decreased, he learned how to be present, and he was able to find happiness in his work again.

In summary, for those considering the Coaching for themselves, Tayman says to, “Go for the adventure!”

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