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The Secret to Great Mortgage Team Leadership

Jan 14, 2019

Today's Business & Life Tip, is about the subject matter of Leadership. I want to first start by asking you a question, “If we did a 360-degree interview with your team and asked you about your leadership skills and how you felt about your team. And, then I interview your team and ask them about your leadership skills and how they perceive that you feel about them, what would they say?”...

It is an important question for you to consider if you want your team to go to at war with you, to fight with you, to care as much as you do. They are only going to care if they know that you care about them, it is an old phrase that we have heard a million times before.

If you display to them on a consistent basis how much you truly care about them and I’m not talking about giving bonuses or anything like that. I’m talking genuine thank you’s from your heart, displays of appreciation of gratitude.

I want to tell you about a great leader...

Somebody who really defines great leadership, who’s in the Leadership 360 family. His name is Ryan Moro with Sierra Pacific Mortgage and Lancaster Palmdale area of California. I was told a story by Craig’s Strength who’s in the Leadership 360 family, over dinner one night about something that he found out that Ryan did, that really touched me deeply and really embodied this concept. Ryan loves to drive fast cars. It is his greatest hobby and he happens to own a very expensive automobile that is like a rocket ship. An Audi, I don’t know the model number to it but trust me it’s a beautiful automobile. He was always self-conscious about driving his car to work because he was worried as to what his staff would think if he pulled up in such an expensive car, it would look a little bit extravagant.

One day, he got up the guts to go to work in his car and when he arrived, his processor Cokeshia came rushing over to him and She said, “Is that your car out there?,” and He said, “That’s mine…,” somewhat sheepishly, because he was a little bit concerned as to what she was getting at. She said, “That’s my little boy’s favorite car.” She had an eight or nine-year-old son who had a poster of that automobile in his bedroom, he was a car fan as well and he really loved this automobile that Ryan happens to own. And Ryan said to her, “What time does he get out of school today?” and She said, “About three o’clock, why? and he said, “Would it be okay if I picked him up from the school in my car today?”

That’s what I’m talking about when I say, caring about your team. If you don’t think for a second that Cokeisha is going to go to battle for Ryan and work some extra hours, and really put in the extra effort for a leader like that, you’re mistaken. Think about, how you can show your team that you truly care about them.

Hope this helps. 

To your success.


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