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Importance of Team Loyalty for a Successful Loan Business business strategy leadership leadership 360 Nov 05, 2018

Today's Business & Life Tip, I’m going to start by asking you a question, “Would you rather be feared or loved?” You know it’s an important question, and the answer I think it's pretty obvious, most of us would rather be loved...

And yet at the same time, the...

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Take Control of Your Time & Maximize Your Productivity (In Only 5 Minutes Per Day) personal development time management Oct 29, 2018



Today's Business & Life Tip, is yet another business tip on the all-importance subject matter of Time Management. This particular subject matter really is encompassing a great many psychological components and one of them is commitments that you made with yourself.

Have you...

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Social Media Marketing business strategy marketing strategy Oct 22, 2018

Today's Business & Life Tip, I want to talk to you about Social Media. And the power of it, and yet how I think, it is greatly misused by a lot of mortgage professionals.

Let me just first established something that I think is, a very important rule to marketing. The only thing really...

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Improving Your Sales Conversions business strategy Oct 15, 2018

Today's Business & Life Tip, We're going to talk selling today, and in particular "Scripting". This is the major art form of what we do for a living and your conversion ratio, your batting average if you will, is critically important to your success.

The top loan originators in the...

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Beliefs Impacting Your Business business strategy leadership leadership 360 personal development Oct 08, 2018



Today's Business & Life tip

Today's Business & Life Tip. We're in the heart of mindset and belief systems. You know our beliefs that we carry inside of us drive our behaviors, – what we think influences how we act.

I don't think that comes as a surprise to...

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